Monday, April 17, 2006


Easter wasn't very festive for me this year.

I had a mild case of the flu and I'm still trying to get over it.

And no it didn't come about by gorging myself senseless with chocolates.

Ever since I went to Tasmania and entered Cadbury's chocolate factory my craving for chocolate went from YAY to NAY.

I tell ya the stench of that place was unbearable. I can remember during the tour they provided the group with samples. The first few samples were taken up by each and everyone, but as we continued down into the bowels of the factory the sample taking grew less and less desirous for chocolate.

At the end the tour finished in a Cadbury shop where everything was at wholesale prices... and did you think anybody bought anything??


I don't know whether Cadbury's still offer those guided tours but I don't think it did anything for their product.

Although just last week I was talking to a chic who worked in a chocolate factory and when I questioned her about the stench she replied that she loved it! Maybe West Australian chocolate is better?

I'd be lying though if I told you I don't eat chocolate whatsoever. There's one type of chocolate that I wouldn't think twice about eating the whole bar, box and factory if given half the chance.

It ain't Cadbury's and it ain't Margaret River's...

It's Cocolo.

I highly recommend the milk hazelnut version if you so happen to get your grubby little hands on a packet before I do.

That chocolate is divine.

I'd better get going because in the dark this keyboard is beginning to look like a big hazelnut Cocolo bar...

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