Sunday, April 02, 2006

Cheese Cake

I'm all barbied out.

This weekend I was invited to two BBQ's... autumn seems to bring out this kind of activity in people in Perth.

I'd be all barbied out just with today's feast at my good ol' Indonesian mate Kemal's place... boy can those Indonesians cook up one heck of a feast!

In fact whenever they invite me over I always tease them by telling them that I fast ALL WEEK prior to coming over, just so I can even put a pinch in the quantity of food they serve up.

And I like the diversity of foods they create each time I come over.

There's always something new too, and they always warn me on which foods are spicey and chilli hot before I dive in.

I'm a big believer in eating a diversity of foods. I personally believe that by doing so you'll broaden your palate when you're older and also prevent your body from getting any nasty problems.

But getting back to Kemal's party...

Near the end of the party Kemal's wife offered me some dessert. Initially I refused because I was just so full, but when she said "It's cheese cake" my stomach took the better of me and made my head nod up and down.

A few seconds later she returned with the strangest cheese cake I have ever seen - I just had to take a photo of it...

It's actually laced with grated cheese!!!

I couldn't believe it.

A cheese cake with actual cheese!

I had to chuckle.

And then proceeded to find it extremely difficult to swallow (there's actually chunks of cheese INSIDE too!).

They all loved it, but I had to pass... I was seriously too full.

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