Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Boys Hide A Hoe

Today Chris and I caught up again for lunch.

Just after we had finished placing our Japanese order (have I ever tell you how much I LOVE Japanese food??) he pops out with,

"Boise, Idaho."

I had no idea what he was talking about, initially I thought he was talking about a group of chics on a nearby table.

"Boys hide a hoe... what??"

"No, Boise Id-a-ho."

"Mate, I don't know what you're on but you'd better keep off it. What are you, speaking in tongues or something?"

He laughed, enjoying my confused state no doubt.

"My uncle lives in Boise Idaho."


"No... ID-A-HO."

We both laughed.

I asked Chris if he had heard back from his uncle but as he hadn't had time to check his email he said that he hadn't.

Oh well, at least it's a start.

Now where the heck in Idaho??

Doesn't sound like it's near a beach to me.


miss canada said...

Boise, eh? That's special. You're right, nowhere near a beach. BUT: so close to Canada! You'd be better off heading North to see the Canadian Rocky Mountains!

When are you hoping to go there?

miss canada said...

Oh, and it is pronounced "Boy-zee", by the way!

Ryan said...

Hey Ali!

Thanks for the info, sounds good: Canadian Rockies.

Except for the Canadian part!


Will see how our budget looks.

As for the time, we're not completely sure yet. Chris is off to the Gold Coast this weekend so he's only got one thing on his mind at the moment.

I'll keep everyone informed on the development of our plans on this blog, but if I had to give a guess I'd say we'd be looking to go after the US summer so maybe around September or October (maybe even around our birthdays!).

But a lot needs to fall into place yet.