Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Another Friend Another Set Up

Today I spent some time looking for a new plasma TV with my mate Jon-Jon.

As has often been the case whenever I talk to friends who are married, engaged, or seeing someone, the question of why I'm single rears its ugly head.

But there's a difference with Jon-Jon.

See, before we ever became friends Jon-Jon was someone who's reputation preceded him. He was known amongst many as a party animal, a ladies man, a funny guy, and a gorilla.

Ok, maybe not so much a gorilla gorilla, but he's a big bloke and boasts being able to rip a phone book in half with his bear hands (and no it's not down the spine - as I often tease him).

So before I ever met this guy back in my high schooling days I had him in reverence.

It wasn't until we met, of all places, on the basketball court, that we shared the same sense of humour among other things.

Oddly enough as I got to know more about him I found out how accurate his reputation was. I could even remember walking through Freo with him one evening and having nearly every second guy and hot gal come up and say G'day to him.

Everything was true.

Being shy at the time I learnt a lot about what made him so successful with the ladies, which proved a handy education for me at the time being raised in a strict Dutch Reformed private school.

I was able to see what set him apart from all the other blokes as Jon-Jon was neither wealthy nor Brad Pitt. What I saw was that...

1. He never idolised women. I never once saw him act in a way that would put a woman he was with ABOVE him. I know there are some guys that would give their left nut to be even seen with an attractive woman, heck, I'll even admit it and state that I used to be one of those guys, but Jon-Jon never cared. He would approach an attractive woman the same he would any other woman, but I will admit though: when a couple of attractive women are around ONE bloke, that bloke doesn't need to do too much to have other attractive women approach them!

2. He made them laugh. Do I really need to expand on this?? I talk about it nearly every second post!

3. He listened. This took a little while for me to SEE. Being a bloke I think we have some condition where the Y-chromosome has some muting properties, but Jon-Jon was an attentive listener. He wouldn't just nod and do the "Uh-huh" thing that most blokes do to try and make it seem as though they're listening. He would ask pertinent questions that would keep the conversation going. I often wondered if he ever went home and talked to himself in front of the mirror for a few hours just to let out the back log of stuff that he wanted to say!

I learnt a lot from Jon-Jon about women than anyone else, but it all came from observing and learning.

Anyway, fast forward to today and during our drive around the place he asked me if I knew a...



"A hot friend of mine."

I looked at him with a queer eye.

"Your brother knows her."

I was still drawing a blank.

"Your brother was trying to date her."

Oh no, I thought, the quality of woman he's with now doesn't bode well for the woman he tried to chase!

"Anyway, I'm trying to hook you up with her."

Before the next thought registered he quickly added...

"And I'm not afraid to tell you that either."

I never really think it's the element of surprise that annoys me with being set up, it's more the quality of person I'm likely to be set up with (as per here). I mean, if somebody knew me REAL well and knew the type of woman I'd be attracted to, then setting up a casual meeting wouldn't hurt me in the slightest.

I'm scared of those who DON'T know me and yet believe they've found "the one" for me!

"Your parents met her the other day too," he added.

Ah yes, now I remember... Karina made quite an impression on my folks, all I've ever heard from my folks was the night they met her and how wonderful she was.

Now I understood why they were voicing such approvals around me - no doubt trying to get some psychological thing happening.

"As your mother and Ali [Jon-Jon's wife] were speaking to Karina, I pulled your father aside and said to him that she was the woman I was trying to set you up with. I remember your father wrapping his arm around me and smiling," he grinned reflecting on the moment.

His grin was almost an evil grin - it seemed the whole world has been plotting against me!


Does Karina scare me?


I'm glad that Jon-Jon has been behind the scheming of this one as he's seen, met and known every woman I've dated (my brother's fiancee on the other hand hasn't seen one).

"So what's the catch?" I asked sensing something was amiss.

"She's gone back to work," he replied.

"Where does she work?"

"Oh, you know... nice and close... like... England."


Oh well, it was the thought that counted, right?

I wonder if I can fit London in on my trip to the States??



Jennifer said...

With a queer eye? Is there something you´re not telling us? :)

I know, another one of those Aussie-isms ...

Ryan said...


I actually hesitated putting that word in, but I felt it was better than...

With a cocked eyebrow...