Friday, March 03, 2006

Women That Frighten Me

If there's one thing that scares me about women (besides them being Canadian) it's...


Take my brother's fiancee for example.

My brother throughout his short 25 years of male development fell in love with certain sportswomen and female celebrities... as most guys do.

Now strangely enough I thought most women knew this simple fact about men - heck I thought women knew everything about men! However, it seems that there are some women out there that have actually been living under a rock and haven't known of this simple fact! And I've discovered one such woman of whom my brother's marrying!


See, two such women that helped my brother during his hormonal years were Denise Richards (actress in Wild Things, Starship Troopers... etc) and Martina Hingis (Swiss tennis star). And as I soon discovered, not so long ago, that whenever any of these two women are mentioned within earshot of my brother's fiancee it brings about the worst snotty attitude, and even if the context were funny she wouldn't even register a smirk.

This worries me.

If a woman can't laugh at herself, or even on harmless jokes about women that her man WAS at one time during his life attracted to then I think it throws alarm bells that she has issues.

I mean surely the mere fact that her man actually looked at other women should be a good sign - it shows that he at least isn't gay!

I know with my last relationship there were times where I'd jest about Kate Beckinsale, and even though I knew Ella was mildly jealous (or acted as though she was jealous) she made fun of the situation saying such things as,
I'll scratch her eyes out, or
Isn't Kate a chain smoker? (nothing turns me off faster than a woman who pulls out a cigarette and lights up)

But can you see the difference?

Anyway... as you can see insecurity frightens me. Just as women test blokes, blokes similarly test women, and if there's one thing that guys will more than certainly test it will be a woman's insecurity.

So for all those women that are living under a rock (which wouldn't be my regular viewers - so you'll learn nothing new here ladies) the best thing a woman can do when being tested in this area is to call their man's bluff - laugh it away, tease him about it, but whatever you do don't get snotty and develop a sour attitude about it.

And for the guys, etch this onto the inside of your skull:

You'll know the good ones by their laughter.

It speaks volumes doesn't it?


Jennifer said...

Sounds good to me, just as long as the guy doesn't get jealous of my long-standing crush on David Duchovny. Mulder, I miss you ....

Ryan said...

The Truth Is Out There.

I miss the X-Files too Jen, although not because of David Duchovny.

(Nor Gillian Anderson)

I just loved the show.


mandy said...

A good natured tease like that is just fine. I mean should you really be that insecure? What is the chance he will ever meet her. Now, if the man is gushing about your kid sister or best friend I call that a warning sign of its own.