Thursday, March 16, 2006

U2 Update

Before I go it seems that U2 will be re-scheduling a tour of Australia in November.


My only concern is that if they happen to cancel it again I'll be stuffed as my plane ticket would expire near the end of that same month.

So this time I'm going to at least plan a holiday in Melbourne with or without U2 (sounds like one of their songs!). But more on this stuff when it becomes more concrete.

Anyway, I've been quiet over the last few days mainly because Perth has had some mildly hot days - or in other words: BEACH WEATHER!

In fact the forecast over the next few days is...
Friday = 33 (beach)
Saturday = 32 (beach)
Sunday = 35 (beach)
Monday = 36 (beach?)

SO BRING IT ON... Summer is finally coming around!!

And I don't want to hand summer over to the Northern Hemisphere folk TOO quickly... they'll only take advantage of it!


1 comment:

Jennifer said...

Trust us, you're not handing it over too quickly ... it's supposed to snow Sunday and Monday here.