Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Summer's Over

I'm a little mixed about the summer we had.

On the one hand there clearly weren't enough beach days, yet on the other hand because of all the rain (etc) we didn't have any heavy water restrictions.

I guess you can't have it both ways. I mean, do you want to be able to live, or have a good time?

Hmm... tough question.

Oh ok, what's a few rainy days amongst friends, eh?

Regardless of summer overall, the last couple of days Perth has had some mid-30 degree temperature days so during Sunday through Tuesday I've had the opportunity to go to the beach to enjoy what may very well be summer's last fling.

And it's been great.

Yesterday I was out body surfing some waves and started talking to a bloke who was learning how to ride a surfboard.

During our conversation I asked him what it was like - as I had never ridden on a board before. After failing to find the right words the guy tore off his ankle strap and said,

"Here. Try it."

I thanked him for the kind offer and tried to decline, but he persisted.

Giddy as a school boy I took the first small wave, paddled as it neared, rode it, fumbled my way on trying to stand up and... fell. This went on for a few more times - falling backwards, forwards, upside down, inside out... you name it I more than likely fell that way.

I cracked myself up laughing and nearly drowned in the process (laughing underwater isn't recommended) and if my surfing attempts were caught on camera it would have been hilarious.

As I didn't want to stretch the friendship I promptly returned his board and thanked him for the opportunity. It sure was a heap of fun!

It then made me think of whether I too should consider taking surfing up. I suppose if I did I could always ask the old man for tips and help as he and his brothers were avid surfers back in their time.

Oh well, thoughts for another time.

But yes, summer is now over.


But I'm sure there will be bouts of it between now and May.

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