Saturday, March 25, 2006

Paying For Love

If there's one thing that annoys me about men it's that they think they can buy love.

At the moment there is an attractive woman I know who is dating two guys.

Yes, you heard me right a woman with TWO blokes.

Both of these dumb ass blokes are throwing gifts at her to try and impress her. Take a look at some of the things that she has recently been given...

1. An $800 mobile phone.
2. A digital camera.
3. A return flight from Adelaide.
4. A fully paid 8-day trip to the Gold Coast.
5. An iPod.
6. A car (okay, I'll admit that the bloke who gave her this didn't fully pay for it - just half).

I could go on and on but I think you get the idea: some of those toys are quite expensive. Add to that the fancy restaurants, clubs, and other outings she's no doubt been on and these guys are either very rich or very broke!

Do I think it's wrong?

No not all. In fact, she tells me that she tries to refuse these idiots their gifts... but they forcefully give them to her.

She then feels bad for them spending such large amounts of money on her, and equally feels bad that she now has to spend time with them for giving her a gift.

I wonder who will be the first to buy her her own Fijian island?

I even had the opportunity to ask one of the blokes why he bought this woman so many gifts and his dumb reply was,

"Because I love her."

Do you even know what love is??

I know some of the best times I've had with women have been on some of the cheapest outings and this made me realise that women don't need to be endowed with expensive gifts to impress them.

How shallow does that make a woman if she only likes you for the things you buy her! Do you think that maybe, just maybe, a woman might love being in your company?

I know I personally wouldn't want to be around a woman who sees material items as a sign of my love towards her (I'm not that rich!).

No, what I really believe is that these guys are making up for a lack of something they know keeps a woman attracted to them. They probably think that because they're unattractive, lack confidence, have no personality or sense of humour they'll make up this deficiency by giving her the world.

In a similar fashion I think people who try to enlarge certain body organs to try and please the opposite sex are making up for a lack of some of the more important things needed to attract the opposite sex.

I know from my own personal point of view a woman with a beautiful smile, gorgeous laugh and great sense of humour gets my attention quicker when compared to a woman who has large breasts.

But... maybe that's just me.

PS - no I'm not chasing the woman mentioned here. I'll give her credit for her looks, but personality, smile and sense of humour is virtually nonexistant.

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