Thursday, March 09, 2006


The U2 concert has officially been cancelled. I just got off the phone to Aaron and Chris who've both been contacting around getting all the details about refunds, returns, rainchecks and the like.

Aaron's not happy, Chris is not happy, and (more importantly)...


Add to the fact that Qantas will only give us a CREDIT on the value of our tickets and the flame is really starting to burn.

But let's get this fire really cranked up hey Qantas?

We've also been informed that we need to use that CREDIT within 12 months from our purchase date which was back in November last year!


I've got 9 months to organise a flight to goodness knows where, and right now the only thing that wants to fly is my foot up Qantas's...

Okay - I'm livid, so I'm going to explode elsewhere... the gym sounds good.

Outta here.


Jennifer said...

That SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS!!! Does Qantas fly to the states?

FJ said...


I believe they're rescheduling for November!

Hope this helps you,