Friday, March 31, 2006

A Man, A Plan, A Canal... America??

Today I went out for lunch with my good friend Chris and among our normal conversation one topic that came from left field started with Chris asking the question,

"Do you want to go to America?"

I nearly choked on the piece of chicken I had just placed in my mouth.

"What??" I spluttered.

"I've been talking to an uncle of mine who lives in America and he does the stuff you do."

After resuscitating myself I asked just what on earth he was planning on doing.

"Well, I don't know yet, just thought I'd run the idea past you to see if you're interested."

"Yeah, I'd love to go," I asnwered.

"Cool, I'll ask my uncle if he'd have us."

Whether anything comes of it will remain to be seen - I know Chris just had 4 weeks off recently so I don't know when he'll be able to get off work again, and considering the fact that U2 is likely to have a concert in November and I'm not sure whether he'll have any holidays left in 2006! But... no harm in planning and asking I guess.

I know Americans are quite hospitable so I can't imagine their being any problem on his uncle's end.

I'll guess we'll wait and see.

Just need to warn Chris about all those properdom women!


(PS - I'll have to make sure that on our way through (or back) we stop at Hawaii! To check... out... the... waves... of course!)


miss canada said...

Cool... Where in america?

Ryan said...

Hey Ali!!!

He has no clue where his uncle lives.

I'm hoping he lives in either Hawaii, Chicago or New York, but even if he doesn't I'll try and make a stop at these three places even for a couple of days during my U.S. trip - if it ends up happening.


Jennifer said...

You should definitely stop in Colorado. It's beautiful here!!! Feel free to crash at my place. :)