Sunday, March 05, 2006

Leighton Beach At Sunset

Just thought I'd share some beach photos I took last night at Leighton beach.

I'm off to the beach again today she's a hot and dry 36 degrees... perfect beach weather.

(Paul contemplating whether there'd be any sharks lurking out in the water...)

When I was checking my photo album on my photo I forgot to post about this pic that I took over a week ago...

The photo was taken at a new icecreamery place in Freo (I suppose you could have guessed that!) and as I was enjoying this new guilt free delicious I noticed that nearly everyone who walked by this big icecream prop somebody did something to it. I saw a couple of little kids go up to it lick it, boys going through puberty head-butt it, or rub it like a genie was going to pop out and grant them three flavours, or people doing other crazy and crude things to it.

So I thought I'd video capture the event and set about recording from my mobile phone.

But wouldn't you believe it...


I had about 10 minutes of video recording from my top-secret-hidden-nanny-cam mobile phone location and nobody did anything wacky.


Oh well maybe next time.

Anyway, I'm hot (and that's not because of the temperature outside ;op ) so I'm off to Brighton beach to catch me some waves.

Outta here.

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Jennifer said...

There was a big red ball in front of the Target store in Texas, and I always had the urge to kick it or try to move it every time I walked buy. And I did kick it every time, though I didn't dislodge it.