Monday, March 06, 2006

Labour Day

Today in W.A. we had a public holiday.

Oddly enough the holiday is termed "Labour Day"... where no manual labour is done??

Why such a weird name? I hear you ask.

Well apparently it's a public holiday to commemorate the legislative change from a 48 hour working weeks to a 40 hour working week.

That's it.

I know, I thought it would've been something more grandiose, but alas... it isn't.

So what do people do on "Labour Day"?

Well on a day like today they go to the beach, which can be a real pain for people such as myself who want to surf a few waves and don't enjoy riding on top of 50 other people doing so!

And when you've got two kids throwing sand all around the place it can get even more frustrating.


But I still had fun... and yes, I'm a tad sunburnt, 4 hours surfing is probably a tad too long in the water - heck, even my skin was starting to wrinkle!

But as I was out waiting patiently for the next set of waves I looked back towards the beach and upon seeing several "sights" I wondered...

Whatever happened to female modesty?

I mean, it was quite rare back in my childhood days to see a topless woman on a popular beach, however, today it seems that it's rare to NOT see at least half a dozen topless women.

So whatever happened to modesty, ladies?

It reminds me of the time when I met a chic called Melody, after exchanging names our conversation went a little like this...

ME: Oh no.
HER: What?
ME: Your name is Melody?
HER: Yes. Why?
ME: Well I like the name Melody and I was hoping to name my daughter Melody, but if I get to know you you're probably going to ruin that name for me! Which means I've got to try and think of another name for my girl... and it took ages just trying to find that name "Melody". So, before we go any further, I need to know... are you a good Melody or an evil one?
HER: *laughing* Not too many girls around my age like to admit that they're "good". Most blokes want a good girl when they introduce her to his folks and an evil one every other time.


So is that what has happened to modesty?

It's been the blokes' fault??

So women lower their standard by being noticed and hopefully try to pick up by blokes??

(What does that say about the standard of the guy you attract???)

But then again, maybe all those types of women are just from Europe.

More about European women later.

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