Thursday, March 16, 2006

Dunsborough & Golf

Apart from Friday night the remainder of the weekend went quite well.

Dunsborough is a great modern sleepy hollow type town that I could easily spend a lazy weekend at.

Unfortunately the weather wasn't conducive for swimming, but it was great for golfing.

Which brings me to the topic of this post...


Everybody knows about the kangaroos in Australia, if you don't then here's a close up photo of a couple:

Now the strange thing about kangaroos on golf courses is that they don't move!?

I mean, here you have Jon-Jon swinging at a rate of knots at a golf ball that is headed straight for a bunch of roos holidaying on hole #4 and do you think they moved as this ball whizzed passed them?


In fact there were may instances where a golf ball landed no more than a foot away from a roo yet it just looked at it and continued chewing on the grass.


But if there's one LAST thing I want to disclose about the weekend and that's the Dunsborough bakery.

Tas' Bakery is the best.

So have a guess what I had for breakfast Saturday and Sunday mornin?

I'm drooling all over the keyboard just looking at it.

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