Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Tagged Again - Four Things

Tagged again (thankfully not by an American woman otherwise it may have been a downright slap!)...

Four jobs I’ve had:

1. Cleaner.
2. Copykid.
3. Accounts clerk.
4. Underwear supermodel.

(One of them was a lie... which one?)

Four movies I’d watch on repeat:

1. Braveheart.
2. The Matrix.
3. Good Will Hunting.
4. Underworld.

Four TV shows I love: (at the moment...)

1. House.
2. Survivor.
3. Lost.
4. Prison Break.

(Does Kate Beckinsale have a TV show yet??)

Four vacation spots I’d love to frequent:

1. Hawaii.
2. Anywhere that has a beach with white squeaky sand.

Four websites I visit daily (among many others):

1. Well obviously FJ's!
2. Gmail
3. My own
4. Yahoo!

Four radio talk shows I love:

1. Radio??? What's that??? Oh, what a minute is that the thing people listen to in their car while I'm bopping away to my mp3 player's FM transmitted tunes? Ooooh...

Four foods I lust for:

1. Apricots.
2. Lemon cheesecake (don't get me started... I haven't had it in ages).
3. Pizza.
4. Chicken Katsu.

Four changes to my house:

1. Closer to the beach.
2. Condo size.

3. With bigger TV.
4. And no annoying neighbours revving up their car's souped up engine in the early hours of the morning (soon his car WILL have problems).

Four beers I like:

Don't drink.

Four artists I like:

1. John Mayer.
2. Bond.
3. Moby.
4. U2.

Four tags: (I can't count...)

1. Ali
2. Katrina
3. Jen
4. Mandy
5. Shelley

Aw heck I'll even squeeze Becky in here too...

6. Becky - or whichever persona she wishes to adopt for this exercise!! ;op

Who's the anchor this time?


FJ said...

Re: Four jobs... I'd like to lock in (2) Copykid, thanks Eddie.

Re: 4 changes to your house #4.

So, was I right and what do I win?

LOL :o)


mandy said...

Can I say offically you suck and that I am only doing this because I LOVE your blog. Groveling at my feet is not necessary but appreciated. :)

Ryan said...

FJ - extra points if you know what a copykid is FJ? (And Jen's not allowed to help)

Mandy I've just realised that there's no real need for you to do the above task, everyone will know what your 4 answers are going to be...

1. Properdom
2. Properdom
3. Properdom, and...
4. What was the question again?



mandy said...

How'd you know?(Hey I can laugh at myself!)

FJ said...

Copykid = the youngest bloke in the office who does all the photocopying. aka Ryan.

Copykid = the dork in the Reflex copy paper ad. aka Ryan too?



Carrie N Becky said...

We don't appreciate having to be "squeezed in" and are refusing your tag.

So there!