Thursday, February 16, 2006

Searching For The Perfect Gift... Again

This Saturday night things will get a little more serious for my little baby brother and his fiancee: both will be celebrating their engagement!

Tonight Chris and I ventured out shopping to try and find a gift for their engagement.

Luckily both of us weren't completely at a loss on what to get them as Chris had only months before celebrated an engagement party (his own) and considering I had bought him something for his engagement I was no rookie to this engagement gift thingie.

"Alright what do you suggest we get them?" Chris started as we walked into our first store.

My initial selfish thought was to buy something for them that would be great for me too! Well hey one half of the gift is my brother's and considering we're blood we probably like the same things anyway!

But Chris wasn't to have a bar of it.

"She'll kill you if you buy something like that," he responded when I pointed to a billboard poster of Kate Beckinsale in leather for her role in the flick Underworld.

"I think they'll like it," I said trying to push him into buying such an awesome gift, "I could be around all the time then."

"Oh I'm sure Carlie will just looove that!" Chris laughed.

Unfortunately Carlie and I have... well... how can I put this nicely... not really got on that well.

I'll some it up very easily for all of you and this will make all the sense in why we'll probably never get along: she hardly laughs, and when she does happen to laugh it's like a muffled laugh because every ounce of her body seems swayed to the pessimistic side.

I suppose to sum it up even better...


Our conversations are always short and lack any real personality flavour. Okay, I hope you get the point - she definitely ain't somebody I'D MARRY!

But back to the shopping...

When we came to our first store we immediately found the perfect gift!

I couldn't believe it... and that's what had me worried. Generally I'd spend hours and hours walking aimlessly around but today was special: our gift was found in the first store!

Now even though Chris was ready to buy the thing get it wrapped and walk out the door I'm not such an impulsive buyer.

I know from years of shopping experience that if you buy something on impulse you're sure to be disappointed, and hey, we had only just started on our shopping spree who knows we could find the next perfect gift in the very next store!

So what happened?

We walked around aimlessly for hours and hours trying to find a similar gift but aimless walking around isn't that bad.

Especially if you're someone like me who likes walking through Freedom Furniture looking at all the great ideas.

And have a guess what shocked the pants off me while walking through FF tonight?

What's different with this picture (check here for previous photo shot)?

Yeah that's right!

Two of those babies have been sold!!! At AU$279 each!

I'm thinking I'm going to have to take up some art lessons... no, wait a minute, that art didn't look as though anyone took any lessons... in that case I might just start drawing some lines on a blank piece of paper and see how much I can sell it for! I could even colour photocopy my "art" and sell it around the world and make millions!

I'm a genius!


Moving on, we found it terribly difficult leaving FF tonight there were quite a few hot staff members that I think would have been perfect for the female furniture fit test... but unfortunately time was against us.

After scouring the entire shopping complex I still felt uncomfortable about purchasing the perfect gift so close to when we had laid eyes on it. Chris thought we could push the "impulse purchase" time zone by buying some dinner, so we skittled off and had some Japanese.

It was a good idea.

Nothing helps clams important engagement gift purchasing decisions that miso soup.

So what did you think two blokes with the perfect present just waiting to be bought did after dinner? Did they go and buy the stupid thing, or was it still within the impulsive time zone?

Yep, you guessed it - we delayed buying it.

So tomorrow I'm off to the city to see if I can find the same gift at either a better design or better price.

Anyway, all that shopping sure has taken its toll on my Y-chromosome... so right now I'm off to bed.

(I think shopping for the perfect gift should become an Olympic sport!)

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FJ said...

Hey Ryan,

If you think Freedom Furniture is bad, check out the Deborah Hutton "art" range at your local Kmart store.