Monday, February 13, 2006

Saturday Night Was Special

On Saturday night I attended a double party: the one's where two people celebrate their birthday at the same party.

Originally I was too tired to go. I mean, singing away all Friday night sure does take it out of you and my body is no longer the spritey 21 year-old it once was: I now value my sleep! And add to that fact that I had to wake early on Saturday morning to attend an all-day conference my body was lifeless after 6pm.

But I have this philosophy in life...

If you do something that your body and mind doesn't want to do (provided it's not illegal or immoral) you'll generally find that by doing that something that you don't want to do something good will come of it.

When I was extremely shy I would find as many excuses not to do things, and eventually after limiting myself so many times I did nothing - and when you do nothing you become nothing, which I eventually realised was something I didn't want to be! So I trained myself to attack things with reckless abandon and when I did I'd have the best time - eventually it became an addiction and my shyness dissipated.

Some good examples have been church services and exercise - some of the times I just didn't want to do either, yet after doing it something good always became of it.

And Saturday night ended up being no different! Even though my body and mind were sapped, I dragged myself to my mate's party and what would you know...

I caught up with a good old friend from my university days - Joanne.

We spoke pretty much all night!

See, Joanne and I did the exact same degree, but didn't know each other until I found a job in the city and worked with her.

We pretty much hit it off straight away as friends: her beautiful personality, along with her great smile and gorgeous laugh cemented her position as a friend for life. She's also South African, has an attractive face and a body to die for! But all that was secondary (if she didn't have the primary qualities I like in the opposite sex then I guarantee you we wouldn't have gone far as friends).

So yes, Joanne had the whole package - heck, even my mum fell in love with her whenever Jo would call me for help with an assignment and my mum ever only knew her from over the phone!

Yep, uni was great.

So we had some good times at uni and work - we turned the mundane into magic (a quality that I hope my future wife and I can similarly do)!

It was a shame that we could never keep in touch over the 5 odd years since uni, but Saturday night was definitely a special night.

I hadn't felt that good for quite some time.

Why didn't we take the friendship further back at uni? I hear you ask... we both had partners at the time.

Why don't we take the friendship further now? I hear you ask... she's getting married in April.

And he's a great bloke too.

So my weekend was fantastic and to think that it's going to be 36 degrees today which can only mean one thing...


Kind of like the cherry on top.

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