Monday, February 13, 2006

Good Things Happen In Threes?

To cap off an enjoyable weekend I faced today's 36 degree heat by going to the beach.

I didn't plan on going for long as I had much to do, but considering summer was nearly over I wanted to try and suck as much sunshine as I possibly could before it was all over for another 9 months.

So I went and waded at Leighton Beach's cool crisp clear water.

It was very therapeutical.

After doing a few strokes to an undetermined spot and then swimming back I skulled in the water for a little while before ever contemplating going back in. After about 10 minutes my body thought it time to head back in before getting another bout of sunburn, but then something odd happened...

A bus load of chics rolled up! (And I kid you not!)

As you can no doubt imagine: there I was walking out of the water seeing a whole bus load of chics in bikinis coming running towards me (the sand was hot and all they had on them was a towel and bikinis) and mind screams...


I quickly duck dived back into the ocean making it out as though I was just doing some new pilates-type swimming exercise manoeuvre and I started doing a few more laps whilst "casually" glancing at what the heck all these hot chics in bikinis were doing here!?

After more strokes of the same, more wading of the same, more staring of the same the chics all huddled before they formed a straight line running perpendicular to the beach.

What are they doing? I asked myself - not really wanting to know the answer, but asking nonetheless so that I could justify my staring! ;op

Eventually my body began to feel the pinch of the sun, but I couldn't go in just yet I HAD to find out what was going on... so I stared some more.

Soon one of the chics raised her hand dropped it and would you belive it...


I could've sworn I had died and gone to heaven.

Babes, beach, bikinis and babes at the beach in bikins running!!!

What more could a bloke want?

They ran about 100m before turning around and running back to where they started, they then jumped into the water and swam the same distance along the beach back and forth - it was an ironwoman training camp!!


Eventually blood flow returned to the organ located between the ears and I knew I just had to get covered... much to my disappointment. I swam back in shore, slowly found my gear and dried off.

I just couldn't believe what my eyes were seeing: athletic women running and swimming in their bikinis!

I think nearly 30 minutes had passed before I pried myself away back to work. Drat.

I hope this ironwoman thing is a weekly occurrence... might have to be there again next week... I'd better write it down just in case I forget...

Leighton Beach Monday's 12pm - 12:30pm

What more good can happen this week?

Oop, how could I forget... my brother's engagement party is this weekend - uh oh! Oh well, I suppose all good things must come to an end sooner or later (it has nothing to do with my brother getting married, more the "set ups" that are likely to happen by his fiancee and her friends... *sigh*).

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FJ said...

Hmm, a beach is sounding good right about now... I wonder if it'll be warm in June still?