Monday, February 20, 2006

The Engagement Party

All went well for my brother's engagement party.

I suppose getting there at 11pm just as everybody was leaving kinda helped me avoid Carlie's set ups!

No, I was there.

See, I even have photographic evidence of the occassion...

(Carlie's father says a few words, or two... or was that TOO many?)

(Ally and MJ - Ally is Jo's sister BTW)

(The soon-to-be's give a few thank you's - I think they accidentally forgot my name in this part)

(Then MJ decided to get this party pumpin and began showing off some of his party tricks)

So the night went well, caught up with relatives that I hadn't seen for years, old friends, and thankfully no desperate women!


Also went to the beach today thanks to summer having one last heat wave with today hitting 37 degrees. I was hoping to try and catch some ironwomen at work but they didn't rock up today.


1 comment:

Jennifer said...

Glad the party didn't cause too many problems in the "oh, you're single? let me introduce X" department.

And that MJ looks like one kewl dude! Is he single? :) Just kidding, I'm not with some weird new branch of NAMBLA. (or would it be WAMBLA?)