Thursday, February 23, 2006


Yesterday I was a little cranky.

It was all thanks to a couple of body parts giving me nothing but pain.

How did they get that way?

Well I think it was a combination of pushing myself a little too hard at the gym yesterday in the 30 degree heat and drinking from their unfiltered cold water fountain to try and quench my thirst. While the workout was good for certain parts of the bod my stomach and head were giving me nothing but flashes of pain.

So did I take anything for my it?

Hell no.

I'm a bloke, remember.

I'm not one to take those nerve doting drugs just for some short term relief. If I want relief from feeling ill I'll just go and lay down.

Simple really.

If it's something that recurs then I'll look anything I've done different and change it. And if pain keeps recurring then I'll go and seek help, first with a naturopath and if all else fails the dreaded doctor.

Doctors freak me out.

I don't believe masking pain with Panadol or Nurofen is the best way to go. Our bodies were designed to emit these painful signals so that we'd know we've done something wrong (or that we're not doing something right - i.e. eating fruit/veges, drinking plenty of water, and exercising) and we therefore need to change our actions.

Anyway, last night, just as I was ready to have an early one I hear a knock at the door... and it's my mate Chris.

*big sigh*

To say I wasn't happy would have been an understatement. I clearly wasn't in the mood to talk and I just hoped he wasn't over looking to get some TLC. As he talked I kept my replies curt and abrupt.

After about an hour he finally got the point.

(Now I can understand why women find it so difficult to give a guy "the signal" - Chris sure didn't read that I wasn't feeling well until I nearly fell asleep on the couch!)

Thankfully after last night's rest I'm all perfect again today.


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Jennifer said...

As for me, I looooooves me some drugs. Esp. advil. And right now I'll be relying on Mucinex quite heavily as tons of snot drains down my throat (yum!)