Thursday, February 09, 2006


Yesterday at the gym I caught up with the cute gym co-ordinator with the kinky name: Kirby.

Besides her gorgeous smile she has striking features that even a colour-blind person such as myself can't help but find it difficult to look away. When we initially met Kirby HAD red hair with blonde streaks, that clashed well with her clear green eyes - like Castle Rock green.

I suppose in a way she probably looked like a traffic light: red (hair), amber (blonde streaks), green (eyes)... I didn't know whether to stop or go!


Anyway, yesterday was her first day back from a lengthy 2 month holiday and I noticed that she had changed her hair colour. While she was cleaning the gym equipment I came over and asked,
"Do you clean houses too?"

She turned around saw me, smiled and replied,
"Well I'd do anything for money at the moment?"

Anything is a big word, it has three syllables and encompasses a whole range of things, so with a quizzical look and cocked eyebrow I returned with a simple,

Her smile broadened and she brushed off the question with,
"Yeah I need more money for college which is starting up again in a couple of weeks."

Conversation then moved to her degree before I then asked her about the noticable change since last time we spoke,
"What happened to your red hair?"

Apparently the change was brought about from doing water aerobics in a chlorinated pool during the summer and the tinge of green in her red hair just pushed the boys away... except for the colourblind ones such as myself who would've thought that she had added new blonde streaks to her hair!

But I hope she stays out of that damn pool and grows her red hair back.


Jennifer said...

What makes Kirby such a kinky name? Here it's the name of a really expensive vacuum cleaner. :)

mandy said...


FJ said...

Aaah yes, but what vacuums do could be construed as kinky... ;-)


Ryan said...

Well don't forget ladies...

I WAS brought into this world through the help of a vacuum cleaner!

Love at first sight?