Saturday, January 28, 2006

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

I thought that after creating 100 posts I'd celebrate this momentous occassion by asking a series of questions to see who really knows the man behind the mask... or blog.

So let's have a little fun.

Okay, are you all ready?

Alright, I'd introduce you all but I don't know who's here so let's get started with the fastest finger first...

(Click on any image to enlarge it)

So, who did we get?

Cool... it's you! Alright "you" let's test your knowledge on this Another Single Guy blog and see how smart you are.

Are you ready to play for $100?


Then let's go...

How did you go? What are you thinking?

Need a life line?

All good?

Okay, moving on to the $200 question...

Cruising nicely.


(No that wasn't the $200 question, here it is...)

Need a life line? What are you thinking?

Easy huh?

Well we'll see about that, moving on to $300...


Here it is...

Hmm... tough one, huh?

You've got three life lines in hand want to use them?

You can go 50:50, phone a friend, or ask the audience (wherever they may be).

How did you go?

Ready for $500?

Tell me more about yourself...

Ok that's interesting, ready to see the $500 question?

Here it is...

Another tough one?

Want me to start writing a cheque?

How about your life lines? Oh wait a minute didn't you use all of them on the first question?

How did you go?

Ready for the $1,000 question?

Let's have a look...

Another tough one.

Have a glass of water it might help you.

How did we go?

Got to the first safe level... *clap* *clap* *clap*

Okay, now we're playing for some serious money... $2,000...

What's it like in the hot seat?


Ok, let's have a look at the $2,000 question...

Gee, this is tough.

Might have to use a life line on this one I think.


Think you've got it hey?

Okay, moving on to the next question... playing for $4,000...

Let's not fluff around and jump straight into it...

Well I think Ryan would pretty much enjoy all of them wouldn't you say?

What are you thinking?

Can entice you to burn a life line?

Nope... going to answer it are we...


Moving on to the $8,000 question...


How about an ad break?

Ok ok...

Getting tougher yet?

Well it should be... can't have people coming off the streets and winning $8,000 every time.

Need to burn a life line yet?

Yeah I bet you do.

Ok, now moving on to the BIG money... $16,000...


Put your thinking cap on and answer the next question for $16,000...

Give in?

Want me to sign a cheque for $16,000?

Go on, give up, there's no way you can get to the million... not even Ryan knows Ryan *that* well.

Oh? Think you're a smarty pants eh?

Want to go on and play for $32k?

Ok... (the freaky thing about those last couple of lines - they rhymed! Maybe "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" can create an R&B track! Heck - even *that* last line rhymed! Sheesh...)


Hmm... what are you thinking? What way are leaning towards?

Need a life line? Do you have a life line?

Phone a friend? Do you have a friend?


Okay, so you think you're THAT good, well do you want to see the $64,000 question?

I'm sure you do...


O the pain.

Most people hopefully wont get that one... that's right take the money and run.

Still here??

Think you're hot eh?

Well then... let's play for $125,000...

Alright, ready?

Maybe we should get an ad break in?

Ok ok... onward...

Stumped ya!

Yeah, who's your daddy now?

What's that?

What??? Think you know the answer to that one TOO!

Sheesh... I'm going to have to start thinking of some really hard ones... now for $250,000...

Well I'm not even going to ask if you're ready now... ;op

Ha HA!


You're done.


What are you still doing here?

There's no way you'd know the answer to that $250,000 question surely!

Oh ok, think you do eh?

And you want the next question... ok, don't get cocky... let's play for $500,000...

And now for the $500,000 question smarty...

Now you're done.

So go sit down.

Are you serious?

You *really* want to see the million dollar question?

Ok... now for the million dollar question... Einstein...

Well here's the big one.

I sure hope you're ready...

So how did you go??

Did anyone win the million??


Jennifer said...

Holy crap man! Got to give me some time here to get through all these ... :) but from the few I've gone through so far, I can tell you I'm definitely *not* going to be a millionaire.

FJ said...

Ditto for me...

I've not had the time to really "study" these questions, but I know that I'd be relying more on "guesstimates" than actual knowledge for most of them. LOL