Monday, January 02, 2006

Trigg Beach

Today I took advantage of the pathetic cloudy weather and went to the beach. If this is all summer is going to offer I'm going to still take the best of a bad bunch and make use out of it.

And... believe it or not today was great! Although I had to travel 45 minutes to a beach that had good waves.

It's been awhile since I've body surfed. As most of you know the weather down here has been pretty crap and I haven't had the luxury of going to the beach as often as I'd like this summer. SO, to take advantage of today's warm weather I went to Trigg Beach... there's always bound to be swell there.

And there was.

Riding those waves, feeling the great release, the freedom of riding natures powerful tidal force... so free in fact that a few waves set my bathers free!

I wondered why after riding a large wave why it had gotten so cold, so quickly... it wasn't until I stood up and looked down that I noticed... ummm... how can I put this "eloquently"... umm... you know that kid's movie with the killer whale?

Free Willy.

Ok, enough said.

Luckily people weren't around... I swear Santa needs to stop giving me clothes for Christmas I've lost weight since last year!

Unfortunately the remainder of this week will see nothing but showers and more crappy cloudy weather.


This summer sux.


FJ said...

Well, mate, I have a dilemma...

Should I pray for your sake that there is no sequel to this version of "Free Willy"?


Should I pray, on behalf of all red blooded women in this country, that if there is a sequel to this "event" that it screens to an appreciative audience and is a box office hit?


I can't decide.


PS. I hope nothing was damaged.

Ryan said...


Just pray that they capture the killer whale and keep it well caged up!!!