Thursday, January 19, 2006

Summer Camp

Going to be quiet in here over the next few days.

I was given the privilege this year of organising our summer youth camp.

It was one of those "Please step forward if you'd like to accept" kind of situations where everybody took one step back. Before I knew what was going on the pastor was already shaking my hand congratulating me on taking the iniative.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on who's looking at it, the turn up for this camp is quite small. We advertised the camp to other smaller churches who we had attended/camped with last year, but all turned down our offer... obviously they had heard of my reputation!

So I'm glad it isn't going to be too huge - I don't want to burn out on my first camp as I always liked going to camp when I was a kid, and I hope I can return the favour.

Organising it hasn't been too difficult mind you - the only real problem has been finding enough activities. I mean, I just wanted to go Survivor-style where kids would need to catch their food to live. We'd have challenges and all the other stuff that normally goes with Survivor (Jeff?) and maybe Rob & Amber could come down (well Amber's already been here so she's like a Down Under Survivor Pro)! Yep, I can just see it now, screened on TV's all around the world from CBS...


I'd be rich!

Wishful thinking I suppose. Anyway, better snap to it and put the finishing pieces together.

I'll be back... hopefully!


Anonymous said...

Please don't make your campers eat live worms or anything ... wait, that's Fear Factor.

FJ said...

Good luck, Ryan!

Hope to see you back here soon.


Carrie N Becky said...

It's been a while since I've read your blog, my Aussie friend. (though I use the term friend loosely) :) I enjoy catching up on your life.

I'm fully confident you will rock at the summer camp thing, blessings with that!

mandy said...

I hate that one step back tatic. A rotten prank to play on an unsuspecting pal...but I am certain it will be fun (camp). Can't wait for the juicy stories that will make your blog soon.

Kristina said...

..looking forward to reading some of your escapades..:)