Monday, January 30, 2006

The States Are Looking Better Every Day

A trip to the States looks more enticing every day.

I received a pleasant visit from and old friend today and we went to the local driving range to talk.

(See guys can't just sit and talk we need to do something to make it look as though we're not JUST talking... otherwise we're no different to women.)

Amongst cursings, windows smashing, yells and shrieks from the general public from our golf swings, talk moved to a planned trip my friend was GOING to do to the States.

"Really?" I asked, "Just where were you planning on going?"

He took a swing at the ball and set it on a flight path straight ahead.

"Yeah, I was planning on going with Brendan to Hawaii..."

I stopped mid-stroke and paid more closer attention...

Hawaii? I thought... Hot chics in bikinis!

"We were going to watch some celebrity football game in Hawaii, and then fly on over to California."

Hawaii AND California!

He swung at another ball.

"Why California?" I asked.

"Oh, just because there's a place in L.A. I've been invited to go see," replying matter of factly... maybe just too matter-of-factly.

"What place are we talking about?" I pried.

He then turned around and smiled.

"What?" I asked seeing his facial expression of playful delight as if teasing me to ask.

He paused and his smile widened.

"The Playboy mansion!"


I nearly lost the club in my hands as I swung it back ready for another stroke.

"What do you mean 'Playboy mansion'?" I asked, totally in denial.

He still smiled and pulled out a business card.

"One of my clients is that guy's god-mother," he replied pointing to the name on the card, "She said I could go over any time."

I looked at the business card which seemed legit - it had the guy's full contact name, number, and title at Playboy. Heck, he even had a email address!

I didn't believe it, but my friend was adamant to its authenticity.

Needless to say I was pretty much distracted for the rest of my golfing game... bastard!


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