Monday, January 09, 2006

Ok, So I'm In A Little Pain Right Now

Beach beach beach.

I love the beach.

However, on the weekend I did something a little stupid...

I followed the instructions on my sunscreen lotion!


Yep, I know, silly me.

As noted on my sunscreen tube it informs the reader that this sunscreen is:

"4-Hour Water Resistant"

I stupidly thought that if the sunscreen was 4-hour water resistant I could frolick and surf in the water for 4 hours without needing to re-apply.

So... I did so!

And what happened?

Oh, nothing much... I just got MILDLY SUNBURNT on every area of my body... especially the body parts that had sunscreen applied!

I look like a pink jelly bean (that tastes like aloe vera).

I've been applying copious amounts of aloe vera gel which has been extremely soothing, but already my skin is starting to peel... it makes me look as though the hairs on my arms, legs and chest have dandruff!!

It even hurts to laugh.


And the most painful part is that I can't go to the beach until the sunburn clears up.


(Even though I mentioned before that I'd love to be in a cold climate with my previous sunburn bout, I think for the safety of all I'd best stay where I am with this hit. If I travel to a colder climate I might be held responsible for melting the ice caps and disturbing the already disturbed global warming situation!)


FJ said...


Sorry, I know I shouldn't laugh at other peoples' misfortune, but this is just too funny.

I watched Malcolm In The Middle on Saturday, and I was thinking of that when I read this post.

Reese gets sunburnt and starts to pick it off and ends up peeling his skin off entirely, in one piece, only to see his Mum suck it up the vaccuum by mistake.

Very funny.


PS. I know, I watch some crap, but seriously, I hope it gets better soon!

Ryan said...

Thanks FJ.


Picking skin reminds me of Austin Power's Goldmember movie.


"Oh there's a good one... that's a keeper."