Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Maybe I'll Turn Into A Butterfly??

With all this skin peeling I think I'm either a late Christmas present, or... I'm soon to turn into a butterfly and fly away!

(Well I always knew the two patches of hair on my back were wings!)

And I'm sure the peeling-skin-dandruff look is a hit with the ladies. But I don't want to chance it just in case they discover I'm flaky.


But at least they can take a piece of me... possibly even clone me and do untold scientific experiments on my clones. I'd hate to even think what they'd do!

Maybe they can make a version that doesn't need to apply any sunscreen... but then, what good would a woman be?


(Can you tell I'm still in pain? I have to walk around half-naked everywhere... I'm too hot to even wear clothes on! I feel like I'm 2 years old again.)

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