Monday, January 16, 2006

Leighton Beach

What's that saying, "You can't keep a good man down?"

Well, I think if it were personalised to my current situation it would read something like, "You can't keep a good sunburnt skin cancer crazed Aussie bloke down."

See, over the weekend I ventured back out into the ocean. I couldn't handle it - truth be told. I just wanted to get back out there and get wet - the shower just wasn't doing it for me anymore!

So, upon venturing to Leighton Beach I lathered on a different sunscreen lotion which was a little harder than usual considering the amount of rotting flesh that was peeling away from my sunburnt state.

(Having dinner while reading this are we? lol)

I would have asked two hot (or is that hawt?) chics to have applied some of the lotion on my middle and lower back, but when I saw their navel rings I was kinda turned off.

I don't know why women wear such novelties. Every time I see one my gut feels like it's being pulled... and it's a huge turn off.

I mean, what if one day the chic wears a thick wollen jumper and when she takes it off her navel ring get's caught in the wolly fibres and *pop* out spill her innards? And what happens when she gets pregnant? Does she use the navel ring as like a hook so that her tops can stay over her tummy? Or is it like one of those dog collar hook things where her boyfriend can clip his lead in and keep her in line?


I'm cringing at the thought.

So yes, where was I... oh that's right enjoying myself at the beach... with... navel... rings... staring... at... me.

Ok my mind's still focussing on these babies. I'd better come back later.

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