Friday, January 06, 2006

City Beach

I'm just going to make this a quick one... Perth has *finally* had some great weather over the last couple of days, and you all know what that means don't you?


Yep, I've been soaking it up.

Today's little adventure was at City Beach, the only beach where it seems a lot of non-Australians hang out. We had a range of Asian chics getting wet and staying in the shallow end, a couple of Poms who looked as white as snow and had no clue on how to ride a wave (except the smaller ripples), a bunch of Austrian/German/Czech-type Europeans who's only idea of fun at the beach was throwing a miniature ball around... all the while two hairy-chested Aussie blokes and some Americans body surfing the waves enjoying every minute of it!

It was great!

The whole day passed us by and it seemed as though we had only been there 10 minutes. Time truly does fly when you're having fun.

My life will be near a gorgeous beach... that's my dream... but not just any beach, as I've seen many lame ones, I want to live near a beach notorious for good waves - I don't think I'd ever come out... I'd look like 80 years old with my wrinkled wet skin!

Oddly enough, when we left there was a wedding going on at the top of the beach - on the grassed area. I was able to take a quick snap from the carpark...

I've never really thought much about marriage, but with my brother tying the knot soon the issue has reared it's ugly little head amongst friends and family. I seriously have no problem with dying single, however, I'm torn in that I've always wanted to have kids... especially a daughter, and as crazy as this sounds I don't know why!?

It's just like the nose on my face... it's just there - I don't know how it got there, but it's always been there. In the same way I've always wanted 4 kids, especially a daughter... I don't know how such thinking got there (although my mother is one of four siblings so maybe it's something from my mother's side??), but it's just there.

The problem has been in finding that other half. If having kids were only a one person affair I'd have popped out 4 by now regardless of the pain, but... unfortunately I can't.

So, I foresee 2006 being an interesting year.

Anyway, it's getting late and I'm buggered, and when I'm buggered and tired I waffle... so before I get on my soapbox I'm outta here.



Jennifer said...

One question: What's a Pom? :)

Ryan said...

Hey Jen!

A Pom is someone from England - they stick out like a sore thumb down here on the beach. They're most notable for their pale white skin, and when they've gone to the beach: for their pink sunburnt skin.

I thought Canadians, Eskimos, and even Siberians would have whiter skin, but for some strange reason they PALE into insignificance when compared to Pommies!!

Although after my sunburnt weekend effort I'm probably no different to them.