Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Busselton Jetty

There's one thing you MUST do when you go to Busselton and that is to walk on their famous jetty.


In fact, it's almost 2km long!

Here's where it starts. Adults pay $2.50 kids get in for free (I tried to get through as a kid, but they didn't buy into my "I'm-sucking-my-thumb-therefore-I-must-be-a-kid" trick)...

Not long after entry the first thing on Josh's mind is whether or not he could fish off the jetty...

More jetty travelling... more fish pondering... and just what the heck are these train tracks used for??

Nearly at the end...

And just what is at the end of a near 2km jetty walk?

A UWO of course!


Yep, a UWO.

What the heck is a UWO?

A UWO is an Under Water Observatory.

When Josh, Jake and I entered the UWO we walked over to this spiral staircase that undoubtably led down to the UWO. As we approached a chic stepped in front of us and asked us for our tickets.

"What tickets?" we asked.

"Do you have your observatory tickets?" she asked again.

We pulled out $2.50 jetty walk tickets and handed them to her.

"No, these aren't observatory tickets," she informed us.

"Where do we buy our tickets?" Josh asked.

The chic seemed a little surprised at our question and looked back down the jetty.

"You need to buy them back at the entry," she said pointing in the general direction of the place where we bought our entry tickets.

We all just stared at her in disbelief.

"We have to travel BACK to the start of the jetty to then gain entrance into here?"

We had to laugh... what a stupid idea.

So, we left... unobservatoried.

And as we soon found out on our arrivals back, the price for entry into the UWO was $20 per adult! I don't think we would've been paid that even if they did have a cash register at the UWO.

But we still managed to have some fun regardless...


Anonymous said...

I am virtually drooling with jealousy as I look at those ocean pictures ...

Now I'm going to go turn up my thermostat as I ponder what day I should get my snow tires installed.

Carrie N Becky said...

Yup, definitely ready for summer, well, at least spring.