Thursday, January 26, 2006

Brighton Beach

Back in my early to mid teen years I surfed this beach every summer.

It was great.

Although arriving at it today had me completely lost... a lot has changed over 13 years!

Even though I went in for a quick dip the surf was rough thanks to the strong sea breeze (I've heard that Perth is the second windiest city in the world - behind Chicago - so when the sea breeze comes in it can be quite distruptive to your beaching day).

The lifeguards didn't have to work too hard today (check how close those red and yellow flags are to each other!)...

Besides doing the Aussie beach thang on Australia Day the other activity is to go and watch the Lotto Skyworks fireworks (just because Lotto spend millions on this event it shouldn't give them the right to graffiti all over the place)...

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