Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Blondes And Caltex

On my trip down to the summer camp I stopped off at my local petrol station to check the tyres of my car.

And wouldn't you it a blonde chic approaches me and asks for my help.

I don't know what it is with the air hose at South Street's Caltex petrol station and blondes, but there seems to be some magnetic attraction with blondes and me at that area (I might have to stay there more often)!

Anyway, as the blonde chic approaches she asks, "Excuse me, do you know how to pop the petrol cap off a new Holden Commodore?"

I walk over to her car where her brunette friend is sitting in the driver's seat fossicking around for the petrol cap release button.

"Is it not down the side there?" I ask pointing down at the driver's seat where most normal petrol cap release triggers are kept.


By now I'm standing just outside the driver's side door, and I kneel down to look if the petrol release button is underneath the driver's wheel, or near the bonnet release lever.

Nothing was there.

ME: Is it on the keys?

The brunette chic pulls the keys out and hands them to me. At this point the blonde chic sees another bloke and asks him if he knows where the petrol cap release button is and he begins to walk over.

After surveying the keys I see no sign of a petrol cap release button on the keys and now the other bloke has walked over to survey the scene too.

He begins by tapping on the petrol cover and pushing it a little... nothing happens.

After about a minute I'm completely flummoxed, the other bloke too is left there scratching his head. He apologises and leaves.

As I similarly get up to leave I quietly ask them...

"Okay, so we know this is a stolen vehicle, should I be worried that there's a body in the boot?"

They both laugh.

"I'll give you 10 minutes before I call the cops," I add.

They continue laughing and thank me for my help.


So, what is it with Caltex petrol station (opposite Murdoch university) and blondes?


Carrie N Becky said...

I never knew y'all spell it "tyres." Wow, reading your blog is like taking an Australian culture class. Do I owe you $7000?

Ryan said...


Now for your next lesson...

How do you spell "favour"?