Monday, January 30, 2006

The States Are Looking Better Every Day

A trip to the States looks more enticing every day.

I received a pleasant visit from and old friend today and we went to the local driving range to talk.

(See guys can't just sit and talk we need to do something to make it look as though we're not JUST talking... otherwise we're no different to women.)

Amongst cursings, windows smashing, yells and shrieks from the general public from our golf swings, talk moved to a planned trip my friend was GOING to do to the States.

"Really?" I asked, "Just where were you planning on going?"

He took a swing at the ball and set it on a flight path straight ahead.

"Yeah, I was planning on going with Brendan to Hawaii..."

I stopped mid-stroke and paid more closer attention...

Hawaii? I thought... Hot chics in bikinis!

"We were going to watch some celebrity football game in Hawaii, and then fly on over to California."

Hawaii AND California!

He swung at another ball.

"Why California?" I asked.

"Oh, just because there's a place in L.A. I've been invited to go see," replying matter of factly... maybe just too matter-of-factly.

"What place are we talking about?" I pried.

He then turned around and smiled.

"What?" I asked seeing his facial expression of playful delight as if teasing me to ask.

He paused and his smile widened.

"The Playboy mansion!"


I nearly lost the club in my hands as I swung it back ready for another stroke.

"What do you mean 'Playboy mansion'?" I asked, totally in denial.

He still smiled and pulled out a business card.

"One of my clients is that guy's god-mother," he replied pointing to the name on the card, "She said I could go over any time."

I looked at the business card which seemed legit - it had the guy's full contact name, number, and title at Playboy. Heck, he even had a email address!

I didn't believe it, but my friend was adamant to its authenticity.

Needless to say I was pretty much distracted for the rest of my golfing game... bastard!


Saturday, January 28, 2006

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

I thought that after creating 100 posts I'd celebrate this momentous occassion by asking a series of questions to see who really knows the man behind the mask... or blog.

So let's have a little fun.

Okay, are you all ready?

Alright, I'd introduce you all but I don't know who's here so let's get started with the fastest finger first...

(Click on any image to enlarge it)

So, who did we get?

Cool... it's you! Alright "you" let's test your knowledge on this Another Single Guy blog and see how smart you are.

Are you ready to play for $100?


Then let's go...

How did you go? What are you thinking?

Need a life line?

All good?

Okay, moving on to the $200 question...

Cruising nicely.


(No that wasn't the $200 question, here it is...)

Need a life line? What are you thinking?

Easy huh?

Well we'll see about that, moving on to $300...


Here it is...

Hmm... tough one, huh?

You've got three life lines in hand want to use them?

You can go 50:50, phone a friend, or ask the audience (wherever they may be).

How did you go?

Ready for $500?

Tell me more about yourself...

Ok that's interesting, ready to see the $500 question?

Here it is...

Another tough one?

Want me to start writing a cheque?

How about your life lines? Oh wait a minute didn't you use all of them on the first question?

How did you go?

Ready for the $1,000 question?

Let's have a look...

Another tough one.

Have a glass of water it might help you.

How did we go?

Got to the first safe level... *clap* *clap* *clap*

Okay, now we're playing for some serious money... $2,000...

What's it like in the hot seat?


Ok, let's have a look at the $2,000 question...

Gee, this is tough.

Might have to use a life line on this one I think.


Think you've got it hey?

Okay, moving on to the next question... playing for $4,000...

Let's not fluff around and jump straight into it...

Well I think Ryan would pretty much enjoy all of them wouldn't you say?

What are you thinking?

Can entice you to burn a life line?

Nope... going to answer it are we...


Moving on to the $8,000 question...


How about an ad break?

Ok ok...

Getting tougher yet?

Well it should be... can't have people coming off the streets and winning $8,000 every time.

Need to burn a life line yet?

Yeah I bet you do.

Ok, now moving on to the BIG money... $16,000...


Put your thinking cap on and answer the next question for $16,000...

Give in?

Want me to sign a cheque for $16,000?

Go on, give up, there's no way you can get to the million... not even Ryan knows Ryan *that* well.

Oh? Think you're a smarty pants eh?

Want to go on and play for $32k?

Ok... (the freaky thing about those last couple of lines - they rhymed! Maybe "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" can create an R&B track! Heck - even *that* last line rhymed! Sheesh...)


Hmm... what are you thinking? What way are leaning towards?

Need a life line? Do you have a life line?

Phone a friend? Do you have a friend?


Okay, so you think you're THAT good, well do you want to see the $64,000 question?

I'm sure you do...


O the pain.

Most people hopefully wont get that one... that's right take the money and run.

Still here??

Think you're hot eh?

Well then... let's play for $125,000...

Alright, ready?

Maybe we should get an ad break in?

Ok ok... onward...

Stumped ya!

Yeah, who's your daddy now?

What's that?

What??? Think you know the answer to that one TOO!

Sheesh... I'm going to have to start thinking of some really hard ones... now for $250,000...

Well I'm not even going to ask if you're ready now... ;op

Ha HA!


You're done.


What are you still doing here?

There's no way you'd know the answer to that $250,000 question surely!

Oh ok, think you do eh?

And you want the next question... ok, don't get cocky... let's play for $500,000...

And now for the $500,000 question smarty...

Now you're done.

So go sit down.

Are you serious?

You *really* want to see the million dollar question?

Ok... now for the million dollar question... Einstein...

Well here's the big one.

I sure hope you're ready...

So how did you go??

Did anyone win the million??

Thursday, January 26, 2006

And Before I Go...

Just before I go tonight I thought you'd all like to know that Marcos Baghdatis has secured a grand slam final against Roger Federer in the Australian Open Men Single's Title!

He came from being 2 sets down against Nalbandian (ranked #4) to win the game!


I think he has quite a fan group here considering that Aussies tend to barrack for the "underdog". Considering that Marcos is ranked 50-something and Federer #1 I think it should make for a very noisy grand final on Sunday night.

Oh and did I mention he has a gorgeous woman?

But I'm watching it purely for the tennis... Cammy (or Camille Neviere as I've just found out) is just a bonus...


PS - I like what Daily Frappe mentions in their latest article on Marcos' win...
You the man Marcos! And lets not forget the magic of girlfriend Cammy!!!!!!!!!!! We're watching you too babe!

If only they could get a photo of her smiling, then you'd all understand what I'm fussing about...

Ah, here we go, from SMH's web site (Cammy is the one on the LEFT BTW)...


Anyone else have a beautiful smile they'd wish to brandish?

I've Just Cracked The Tonne


I've just realised that there are 100 posts (now 101) that I've made on my blog.

Who would've thought I would've lasted this long??


I'm not quite sure what you do when you reach your 100th blog post, I suppose for some many do it within a week, so I guess you just keep blogging!

I wonder if anyone has actually read everything on this site?

Maybe I should do 20 questions or something to see if anyone actually reads this blog?

Hmm... maybe I will, but probably tomorrow or the weekend if I have time.

Anyway, I've cracked the tonne and here's to the next 100.

Australia Day

O the pain.

My feet are killing me.

I think next time if I decide to walk to the Australia Day fireworks I'll do so without using the masur style Adidas flip flops (you know the flip flops that I'm talking about? The ones with node-like spikes protruding from the sole?).

My feet feel battered.

I think I would've felt more comfortable sleeping on a bed of nails all night!

In fact it got so bad walking back that I had to turn them upside down and walk on the bottom of the sandal!


I laugh now because I think it would've been so funny watching me walk - I would've looked like Neil Armstrong on the moon.

Anyway, I was able to find a nice secluded place for the Australia Day fireworks, oddly enough it was under the Canning bridge! Everybody else was on top of it, but only 2 metres below there I was taking photos...

And the fireworks were just awesome...

So another year, another Australia Day holiday and another million dollars set up in smoke.

Brighton Beach

Back in my early to mid teen years I surfed this beach every summer.

It was great.

Although arriving at it today had me completely lost... a lot has changed over 13 years!

Even though I went in for a quick dip the surf was rough thanks to the strong sea breeze (I've heard that Perth is the second windiest city in the world - behind Chicago - so when the sea breeze comes in it can be quite distruptive to your beaching day).

The lifeguards didn't have to work too hard today (check how close those red and yellow flags are to each other!)...

Besides doing the Aussie beach thang on Australia Day the other activity is to go and watch the Lotto Skyworks fireworks (just because Lotto spend millions on this event it shouldn't give them the right to graffiti all over the place)...

North American Women

When you've been travelling in the car with a single American bloke from Oregon for 6 hours you're bound to speak of a whole range of topics... including women.

It was interesting getting the "take" on North American women from Jake during my trip to and from Busselton.

After we'd exchanged the usual questions I decided to jump straight into the topic,

"So, what are Oregon women like?"

Without batting an eyelid, or concerned at the change of topic Jake answered rather matter-of-factly,

"No good."

I had to check so I quickly asked,


"Yep," Jake answered, staring off into the distance, "there's no hot chics in Oregon, you have to move south."


"Yeah, you know, to California, but you need to be careful of Mexican women there."

My geography of the U.S. of A. was a little rusty, heck, I didn't even know where Oregon was. The only thing I really knew about the geography of the U.S. was that Florida is on the south-eastern corner of the U.S., New York is somewhere near the the north eastern corner, California is on the south western corner, Alaska is the north western corner, Texas is somewhere in the middle to the south, Kansas is in the middle (I think?), and Hawaii is out in the Pacific somewhere.

That's pretty much what I remembered from my geography and North American history school classes (and don't even ask what states are where in Canada - I've got no clue - at least in Australia we keep it simple, we have states that are easy to pick out geographically, like Western Australia [which means that it's on the western side of Australia... duh!] and South Australia [which means that it's on the southern side of Australia... too confusing huh?] and the Northern Territory [which means that it's on the northern side of Australia... complicated stuff huh?] ;op ).

So as you can see when someone mentions they're from the U.S. and from some OTHER state bar those mentioned above I have NO idea where they are.

Continuing on with our theme I delved a little more,

"What are native Californian women like then?"

He moved his head to the side and pondered this thought for a little while. It seemed as though he was processing all the Californian women he had met and trying to gauge some sort of a consensus on what they were like.

"Mmmm, not bad, better than Oregonian women though"

I didn't know how to take this so I pressed on the negative,

"Well what women should be avoided?"

Without hesitation he answered,

"Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi..." he tapered off and with eyes wide open he looked at me and emphasised the next one, "Canadian women."

He paused making sure I fully understood.

"Canadian women?" I asked.

"Yep, be careful of Canadian women."

"Why's that?"

I wanted to probe, to find out more. I knew Canadian women were weird, but I wanted to hear it from an American.

"Just everything - they've got hairy legs and hairy armpits..."

Well this was no surprise to me, Jake continued on...

"And the ones on the east coast that speak French... they're just so arrogant."

I could see that he was getting quite distraught, obviously Oregon must border Canada or something, but he had several encounters with Canadian women (even if it were just from watching TV) that scared this poor little soul.

I decided to reflect on something positive,

"Alright, so which American women are the best?"

Having snapped his depressing line of thought his face shone and he radiated a smile, then, without hesistation melted and said...


You know what? I think I might go now.

I mean who wants to know what state has the best American women according to one single bloke from Oregon? If I start spreading the news every man and his dog might go to this state and by the time I get there there'll be no women left!

So maybe I should just keep this little secret to myself... and buy a plane ticket to Hawaii.



Yep, that's right, the best women in America according to Jake are Hawaiian women.

They're active, they wear bikinis all the time, they're tanned, they're trim, they're beach aficionados, they keep their hair long, they're active, they have great smiles, did I mention they were active?

So yes, out of all the places Jake has been he found it terribly difficult to leave Hawaii.

In his melted state he then turned the conversation over to Australian women...

But I'll save that for a later post - today's Australia Day and it's perfect weather for the beach.

Outta here.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Australian Open

I've been watching the Australian Open tennis over the last couple of days and am enjoying the... umm... real estate there.

Besides the beautiful long legs, long blonde hair, weird tennis outfit and taught trim body of Maria Sharapova another woman has caught my couch potatoed viewing eye...

Marcos Baghdatis' woman (Cammy I think her name is??)

I might have to take a trip to Cyprus one day to check out the... ummm... real estate!

Cammy has a beautiful smile and this initially was what had me stay transfixed to the boob tube all night tonight (unfortunately the ONLY photo I could find doesn't give her smile any justice)...

Ah tennis... I'm thinking I might have to save for next year's Aussie Open.

Castle Rock

*** WARNING!***

*** The following images may cause women in colder climates to spontaneously combust! ***

*** Viewer discretion is advised. ***


On my last day down in Busso, I travelled with Jake down to what was once the sleepy town of Dunsborough (30km south of Busselton). I spent many memorable holidays in Dunsborough with my family in my earlier childhood years.

The town has changed quite a bit since I was there last some 10-12 years ago, but they still have their famous bakery which serves the best apricot pie in the world! Yum!

Anyway, I took Jake to a secluded yet popular tourist spot just out of Dunsborough called Castle Rock...

(As you can see, being the American tourist, he has no idea where he is!)

And there's the rock in the background...

With me contemplating whether to do a "horsie" or a "curled leg" bombie...

And the rock up close and personal...

One of my more memorable moments was actually climbing this rock with a pair of flip-flops on! I know, every time I think back to this moment I think of how crazy we were as kids climbing this thing.

So Jake, being the American who never says never, after hearing my childhood story, decided to see if he too could climb the treacherous rock face... and he succeeded...

Looking down from where he was...

After that conquering feat Jake went into the crystal clear cool water to celebrate...

It can be sooo much fun once you've found a good bombie rock...

Was that a shark?

Just behind Castle Rock was a walk trail that said "Lookout 400m" so we decided to go and see just what this lookout had to offer...

Further up the hill (I think it's the halfway point)...

At the top of the lookout now (beautiful view)...

Then it was just a matter of finding our way back to the car...

Okay, to all those women in colder climates you can now open your eyes.