Tuesday, December 13, 2005

U2 Crisis Averted

Well, just when I thought I'd need to sleep two nights on the streets of Melbourne Chris' rellies came through for us. Unfortunately they couldn't bunk us up for the two nights at their place (due to renovations being done on their home), but they did end up finding a top-secret place that only locals seem to know about.

And the price was unbelievably cheap.

Here we were thinking that we would need to take out a home loan, or, worst sell each of our left kidneys just to try and pay for accommodation, and now it seems were paying 10-20% of what everyone else was charging us!


(I just hope we don't need to do any exotic pole dancing or serve alcohol with our tops off at this "cheap" place!)

So... now it's just a matter of waiting.


99 more sleeps.


Kristina said...

Lols..good thing! Though I would love to see you do that exotic pole dancing thing..being your usual funny self would probably give it a new twist!:)

Anonymous said...

But if you do -- have to do the exotic dancing or topless-drink serving thing -- take photos. :)