Sunday, December 11, 2005

U2 Concert Dilemma

Last week U2 concert tickets went on sale.

One of my mates, Aaron, was lucky enough to snag tickets for myself, himself and another mate, Chris.

And they were fantastic seats too!

So, last week, we had the first piece of the puzzle: tickets.

Next was the plane flight over.

Chris had already planned and paid for a flight over to Brisbane around the same time as the U2 concert, but after breaking up with his fiancee *that* flight was no longer going to happen.

So, he switched his tickets and purchased tickets for myself and Aaron.

The second piece of the puzzle was now intact: flight.

The only thing that was left was accomodation.

Considering everyone else in the triangle had done their part, and I was the only one who had been to Melbourne a couple of times in the past they thought it was best that I search for the best place to lay our heads.

BUT, this is where things have started to become a little sticky.

See, at the same time U2 is playing, Melbourne is hosting the 2006 Commonwealth Games, and do you think there's a place that has a vacany during this time?

No way.

After searching on the internet and seeing nothing but "Fully Booked" signs I contacted a couple of travel agents to see if they could help. After having them work around the clock searching for a place, they eventually found two...

One that would cost about $750 for two nights, and another that was over $1,000 for two nights!!

After picking myself up from off the floor I told them to hold and I would confer with my friends.

Then I hit another snag.

Chris, is notorious for being the loudest snorer on the planet. There was one time where we were on a Christian camp together and everyone who slept in the same dorm as Chris, including myself, NEVER slept a wink that night... we had to kick him out - and he slept in a separate room. As he hadn't treated his condition we were going to need to find a place that either had seperate rooms, heavy duty ear plugs, or two available rooms.

It was difficult finding ONE available room in Melbourne with three beds. But Chris was adamant that heavy duty ear plugs weren't going to be sufficient - I agreed... so, we changed our tactic to find two available rooms.

We began a desperate search and walked into a few travel agencies on Thursday. Aaron, noticing the desperation of the situation, cracked a joke about how he'd even sleep with ANYONE just to get accommodation, funnily enough though, when we walked into the next travel agency store store we were served by a gay guy.

"Don't you say anything."

Was all he could say when we left. Both Chris and I couldn't stop laughing.

Our last straw of hope will be Chris' relatives who live in Melbourne... I just hope that snoring doesn't run in that side of the family!


Shelly said...

What a dilemma. Maybe once you get there you could rent a car and sleep in that. LOL!! In the morning it would be like three clowns getting out of a clown car. LMAO! I can just picture it. Anyway, hope you have fun at the concert.

Ryan said...

That's actually not a bad idea, Shelly... see, you're not just a pretty face!

Or maybe we can sleep on the free circuit tram that circles Melbourne city!!

Or maybe we just don't ever go to sleep... we'll stay at the Crown casino all night.

Anonymous said...

I'd go for the staying with relatives idea. Holy crap, those prices are unbelievable!