Friday, December 30, 2005

Refunds Please

If there's one thing that's annoying about the after Christmas affairs it's taking clothing gifts back.

When Santa gets the size wrong it kinda ruins the gift a little... especially when you can't get the size you want in the style and colour that was purchased.

Not to mention the fact that Santa needs to leave a receipt behind to redeem your purchase! (I'm only worth $10???)

So, today I went back with a mate to redeem some Christmas purchases and wouldn't you know it - I ended up getting the same chic that helped me with some of my purchases on Wednesday!

HER: Hi, back again?

MATE: (looking at me) Back again??

ME: (to her) Ah, so you remember?

ME: (to mate) Jo-Ann helped me with some tops I bought on Wednesday. She helped make sure I didn't buy any pink tops.


I could see my mate's mind ticking over. Obviously there was more to the story, but... what happens on tour stays on tour.

HER: Yes, that's right.

ME: Well I'm glad you remembered - I'm an unforgettable kind of bloke!

HER: (laughs) What can I help you with today?

ME: I'd like to get a refund on these items of clothing I was given for Christmas - they're the wrong size.

HER: Ok, no worries.

HER: Would you like to exchange your items for something that might be your size?

I searched around prior to exchanging my articles and found nothing in my size... I think it has something to do with where the clothes were made: China. It seems that "XL" sized gear is good if you're 5'10", but no good if you're someone like me standing at 6'3"... and no they don't go to XXXXXXXL!

And before I go on...


Everywhere I turn in the MEN's section I'm surrounded by pink!? It took me awhile to know which side of the stores such as Jay Jays, Live and Cotton On (etc) were male and which were female?! And with pink coloured T-shirts coming back into fashion now I'm completely confused again.

And what kind of bloke wears pink??


Okay, back to my reply...

ME: Nah, I couldn't find anything in my size. (cocked eyebrow) I'm going to have to stop working out so hard.

She laughs. A nice laugh. Nice smile.


ME: I'm serious... I'm getting too huge. I'm probably going to struggle getting through those double doors in about a week's time.

I point to these extremely large automatic sliding double doors, she steals a quick glance at them and continues to laugh.


Unfortunately though my "mate" decided to add his "humour" into our conversation and abruptly told Jo-Ann to ensure the refund was cash!?!?

You know that sound you hear when music is playing on the old vinyl records and someone pulls the needle off from playing and it makes that rip-like sound... I could hear that sound loud... and... clear.

What do you think she's doing?? I thought, looking at him with an angry face, Refunding me with fish?? I was *this* close to slapping him... he broke my routine!

The smile on her face soured and she glared at my mate and promptly went about her job refunding the money. I couldn't muster anything after that... the mojo was gone... no amount of CPR or paddling brought it back to life.


What are friends for, eh?


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