Thursday, December 01, 2005

My First Hit Of The Beach This Summer

Today was just too good to let go.

Perth's forecast was 31 degrees, and my general rule is that if it's above 30 it's beach weather PROVIDED the sea breeeze (aka the Fremantle Doctor) isn't howling.

So today I threw caution into the wind and went regardless of whether the sea breeze was in or not (which it was).

As you can tell I was pretty much the only crazy nut there.

Looking straight ahead... the left...

...and to the right...

Yeah, I hope you're all jealous of me now.


But... it wasn't until I actually hit the water that I lost all sense of feeling. I guess it was okay though. I mean, once the body has gone completely numb to the icy cold water you can't really feel anything anyway.

It reminded me of the time when I was in Melbourne for the National Baptist Basketball Championships in early September (just coming out of winter), there was an industrial accident (an explosion) at the main Melbourne gas station which halted gas production. We didn't think much of it until we were told by the staff at our place of accomodation that our showers USED gas and that there would be no hot water.

On the opening night of games we didn't get back to our rooms until around 1am in the morning! It was freezing outside, and nobody wanted to go to bed in their sweaty clothes, so... we braved the cold showers one at a time.

All I'm going to say is: I've never heard grown men scream and I've never seen parts of the body go so purple. I think my wedding tackle took the first flight back to Perth THAT night. And this cold showery pain continued throughout the entire tournament: one whole week!

(Amazingly we made it into the grand final against the home team, but as they were able to have hot showers (from their fancy electrical heating systems) they were able to beat us in a nail-biting finish.)

Anyway, back at the beach, after creating a few "warm patches" I was able to wiggle my hands in a fin-like manner to flap me safely to shore. When I arrived I just laid there like a beached whale.

After a minute or two the sun's radiant warmth beat upon my poor hapless frozen body and enabled me to return back to my movable self.

So now I understood why no one was in the water!

I'm the only crazy nut in Perth!!


Jennifer said...

I AM jealous! But I hear what you're saying about cold water. Taking a a cold shower is undescribably miserable. I've only done it once, and it still makes me shudder.

Shelly said...

I have to agree with are a crazy nut! haha j/k That beach looked beautiful, I can see why you went out there.