Thursday, December 29, 2005

Applying Sunscreen

If there's a reason as to why Aussie males are high risk for skin cancer you only need to look at how they apply sunscreen for their mates... or the LACK of applying it for their mates!

But before I begin, just allow me to stretch out a little here and...

Oh oops, what are these...

Oh my goodness...

Where are all these photos of Port Beach coming from?


Okay, so I like to rub it in a little for those in colder climates, but you'll get the last laugh today...

Like I was saying there's one thing Aussie blokes (and I'm assuming most straight blokes) don't like doing to their mates, and that is:

Applying sunscreen

This is where a woman generally comes in handy. Heck, I'd even prefer my own grandmother to apply sunscreen on my back than have one of my mates apply it on!

So, what does one do when they are faced with such a predicament when travelling to the beach with two male mates?

They either apply the sunscreen on themselves, or... they don't apply it all.

And which did you think I chose today?

Well, would you want any one of these blokes rubbing sunscreen on YOUR back?
(only blokes can answer that question)

"Oh Paul... lower... yes... keep rubbing until it's all in."


No thanks... I'd rather die of skin cancer.

And, the consequences??


So, have a guess where my back would like to be right now?

Yep... on the snow.


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