Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Winter Not Going Without A Fight

I don't know whether it's El Nino or the hole in the ozone layer or God's sense of humour, but weather in Perth has been quite bizarre lately. Apparently we had the wettest October month since recordings began and if yesterday was any indication of what November will bring rain-wise then I wouldn't be surprised if November breaks some rain records too.

And yesterday I was able to taste some of that lovely November rain... and a lot of it! As soon as I alighted off the bus and had to travel the measely 300 meters home it seemed the heavens opened up and my short 300 meter dash turned into a frantic swimming freestyle sprint home.

Don't believe me? Well, now I have evidence...

And to think that on Sunday I was contemplating even going for a swim (and if you don't believe that the weather down here can change on a dime just check the dates on each of the two photos)...

What is it with this weather lately? I mean, come on, summer's just around the corner!!!


One Wet Ryan

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