Tuesday, November 29, 2005

My Memory Has Slowed But My Mojo's Still Fine

Over the last two weeks I've had to sit in front of my computer and complete 4 annoyingly long and boring assignments due at 5pm today.

Needless to say I haven't done much over the last couple of weeks but type.

In fact, staying in like I have has made me feel scrawny... I miss the gym, I miss the river.

But, after successfully handing those 4 suckers in ON TIME I felt free - like a genie released from its bottle. So to celebrate I decided to let my hair hang down a little and go for a wander through the city.

To start my wanderings the first thing I needed was a drink, and the best place for that was the local Boost juice bar:

Me: One Mango Magic, please.
Her: Any supplements with that?
Me: Sorry... what's supple?
Her: (unfazed) Do you have a discount card?
Me: Not on me.
Her: Would you like one?
Me: No, I already have one of those VIP cards.
Her: $5.40 please. And what name?
Me: (handing her $7) Sexy.
Her: (unfazed) Please wait around the side.

Obviously it was a busy day, or, she was the first human robot I had ever encountered!?

When my Boost was ready she looked up at me tapped on the blender's container emptying its thick contents into the cup...

Her: Mango Magic?
Me: Yep... looks nice and thick... (smiling) just the way I like my women!
Her: (tapping harder - probably imagining that it was my head)... there you go.

Not even a smile, or laugh, or anything!?

Oh well... she's probably one of those "tight" women that never laugh. Next...

I know this is going to sound really geeky, but one of my favourite things to do is to walk through bookstores. The good thing about Perth is that it has a couple of bookstores that tickle my fancy. So, for the remainder of my stay in the city I wandered through my old stores and browsed for anything that would pique my interest...

Unfortunately nothing did.

Oh well... there's always Amazon.com!

On the trip home I had a bit of a blonde moment. Back in the good ol' days you used to flash your ticket to the bus driver to show him that you still had a valid ticket. Apparently not so anymore... there's no need to flash! Here's how the conversation went:

Me: (flashing ticket) I think my ticket is still valid?
Him: Just put it in the box.
Me: But I have a valid ticket.
Him: You still need to put it in the box.
Me: Why would I put it in the box if I know it's valid?
Him: So it can register.
Me: But I've already registered it.
Him: It needs to register on my machine.
Me: Well can't you push a button to show that?
Him: No, because it needs to go through the machine.
Me: Oh... well why didn't you say so?

After holding the bus up for one whole minute I took the walk of shame down the aisle as evil stares of death were thrown in my direction. I quickly found an available seat next to a petite brunette and sucked away on the remainder of my Boost juice.

As I pulled out my mp3 player I plugged in my earphones and relaxed to John Mayer. During my relaxitive (?!) state I peered over to the brunette chic who had opened a book on law, and then at her: interestingly her appearance was similar to that of Kate Beckinsale, but I dared not stare... much.

Reading through her law material she closed the book and folded it on her lap and tidied up the rest of her belongings.

Oop, she's ready to go, I thought. And when the bus stopped I stood up and gave her room to alight off the bus all without saying a word and in one smooth action.

Looking at me weirdly she said, "I'm not going."

Distraught that I had done my one good deed for the day and had it slapped I sat back down and said, "You faked it!"

With that she beamed a beautiful smile.

Stuff the John Mayer soothing music - I had found a smile to swim in!

"Well when you need to go just give me a poke," I reassured her, "but not too hard."

She laughed and as she did she pressed the stop button for the bus to alight at the NEXT bus stop.


As she exited the bus she flashed another soul capturing smile and thanked me.

What a woman.

It wasn't long until after she had gone that an interesting memory hit:

"Was that Charissa?"

(A girl down the street I once had a crush on during my high school years.)

Double DRAT!

It's times like those you wish you had a time machine, even if it only took you back 10 minutes. Damn assignments - my brain's gone dead.

Oh well.

Anyway, I'm off to go pound the pavement and jog today. Boy, did I miss jogging.

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