Friday, November 25, 2005

Honk If Your...

A question was posed by an avid reader (who seems set on breaking the Guniess World record for comments made on one blog) as follows:

Why do blokes honk and yell at women out of their car windows? What do they hope to achieve?

To answer this question we need to look at the way the animal kingdom and how the male speices gains the attention of the female species.

In choosing a mate in the animal kingdom the male species needs to "perform" to gain the approval and attention of the female species.

Performance can vary from head-butting, to honking, to chest beating, to biting and all other fun stuff that can be dangerous and deadly. And in the mean time as this festivity goes on the female just sits and watches as the male race fight over her.

Men, unfortunately, think that this spills over into the human species.

Those who believe we have evolved over 4.5 billions years think that by gaining the attention of the female species they need to use whatever means is necessary at gaining their attention. This could involve a variety of techniques such as head-butting, honking, chest-beating, biting and a variety of other dangerous things such as screaming out of their car and concentrating on women outside and having their car veer onto the opposite side of the road on incoming traffic.


Real men, don't honk.

I don't think real women do either... although I've noticed that women are beginning to take up this attention seeking device too. Take yesterday for instance: there I was innocently walking on the footpath and from nowhere a car full blondes roars past tooting me while they hung out their car window.

Do I know them? I thought, Hope not!

So, yes, honking by the blokes stems from what they've picked up watching Discovery channel.

As for why women honk... I'd have to say it would be for the same reason, BUT... I'm not a woman.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the insight.
By the way, I wouldn't leave so many comments if you didn't keep anwsering me, buddy. Besides, never underestimate the boredom of someone who has moved from a big city to a very small town. This is about all I have to do!

Ryan said...


I'm just making sure that if you get the record I'm a close second.

From the big smoke hey?

I love the country life. I don't know what the Canadian definition of "very small town" is but in comparison to New York Perth would be considered a small town (population of about 1.5 million).

Have you thought about setting up a blog?

You've got the gusto for it... and you sure can talk.

Just a thought,


Anonymous said...


It's that male competitive streak, eh?

I do have a blog but it is for a class I'm taking so I doubt you find much interest in it! I might do my own one, I do seem to have a lot to say!

I'm from Montreal (3 million), I lived there for 24 years, now I live in a small town in Ontario. It's not really the country, it's more like a big suburb, so it's pretty boring. I'd prefer to be in the country, or even better, the mountains.


Ryan said...


Being male everything is a competition from committing the body (such as the head) on blocking a winning shot to commenting on my blog.

I love and live by the saying:
"It's hard to beat someone when they never give up."

Ontario eh? How cold does it get?

I'm allergic to anything below... like 15 degrees Celsius.

One of the Canadian chics I met last year prided herself on the fact that where she lived it dropped to MINUS 45 degrees Celsius!!!!!

YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME, I said. But she looked at me and just told me that this was "normal".

No wonder Canadian chics have hairy legs!


Anonymous said...

Hi Ryan,

Well in Montreal it often gets to minus thirty (with the windchill it will go as low as minus 50!) but that usually only lasts about a week in January. It is really horrible though, I hate it. The average is like minus 10, minus 15. But in the summer it's really humid and about 30-35. As for Ontario, I've only lived here since September. I'm in the southern-most point in Canada though, so it's not quite as bad. Supposedly about minus 5 is the average, so I'm very excited! But yesterday it was minus ten and it snowed :( I only like snow to ski and at Christmas....I really couldn't imagine spending Christmas on the beach like you people.


Ryan said...


Minus 50... and people live in that climate??? Crazy!

Australian Christmas' are pretty special, we can do whatever we like inside or out and it would generally be a nice warm day. Sometimes we'll celebrate at a park, other times we'll celebrate at home, and other times we'll go to the beach. The only thing that would limit us is the rain and in all the Christmas' I've celebrated it's only happened like once.

And I prefer going to the beach during Christmas as not too many people go, so you've got the whole place to yourself!

As for a white Christmas the only reason I'd do one is just to see the snow - something I've never seen before (unless cleaning out your freezer counts).

I'm a beach aficionado.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ryan,

It's snowing right now actually. I really like the snow, for the most part, but my limit is about a month. After that it gets really unbearable. However, for my whole life winter has lasted from late November until my birthday in April. My birthday wish every year used to be for the snow to have completely melted, but I think it only happened once or twice. Since my birthday is on April Fool's Day I guess that makes sense!
I've actually only been to the beach a few times (the real beach, an ocean beach), and that was once in Cuba, which was beautiful, and the rest of the time was in Atlantic Canada, which was freezing even in July!

Enjoy your nice spring/summer day!

Ryan said...


My birthday is in October and I've always wanted to have a beach/pool party but it's always been too cold to go.

A mate of mine who celebrates his birthday exactly one week after mine has had the opportunity to have a couple of pool parties.

Go figure?

Another April Fool's baby - my last serious relationship was with a woman who similarly had a birthday on 1 April!

The great thing about birthday's and wedding anniversaries on this date is that the bloke has a life line if he does REALLY forget as he can just pawn it off as being a joke when he does get the gift!!

I suppose you've had some funny stories of what people have done to you on your birthday - I can only imagine!

It's going to be raining and thunderstorming all this weekend.



Anonymous said...

That's pretty weird...I've only known one other person to have the same birthday as me, and she had the same year and everything. I didn't really like her....I wonder what that means??
No one has ever really played any jokes on my birthday. I've always been a little disappointed about that. My brothers always teased me, but they still do now, and it's definitely not restricted to my birthday! The only thing was that no one believed my parents when they said I was born.
I'd definitely prefer a thunderstorm to a blizzard, which is what we were having when I got in about an hour ago.....I was just at the most bizarre Irish pub that had the same name as my father (first and last)...really surreal.

I made my first blog entry tonight. We'll see if I can stick with it! I prefer making fun of other people!


Ryan said...

I think I've met people who have had the same birthday as me, but I can't recall ever knowing them... maybe that's a good thing considering your experience with people who've shared the same birthday!

I think it's universal for people born on 1 April to have people doubt your claim - same thing happened to Ella, heck, even I doubted her when I found out (I even checked her driver's licence and all!!).

I'll see if I can capture some lightning activity tonight and put it on the blog - if you don't hear from me ever again don't take a digital camera out into a thundestorm!


So you've made your first blog entry!! Woohoo!! Are you going to tell us about it??

Wait, let me guess it's...

No no, wait it's...


Am I close??


Ryan said...

No, I think it's...

That's it, isn't it?


Anonymous said...

those are all good choices! I could have used your input when making my title, I couldn't think of one. My roommate actually gave it me.
maybe I should have used

Ryan said...

Does your roommate blog?

Wait a minute... that's just put an interesting thought in my head...

Have I been talking to the same person throughout ALL these comments?

I mean one minute Kate was a girl who waxed her legs, next minute she's a boy with hairy ones...

I've got a feeling I'm being tag-teamed!


Anonymous said...

No my roommate doesn't blog. She just looks up celebrity gossip online and keeps me updated! Tom Cruise alone could give her a full-time job.

My best friend has a blog and has always been bugging me to do one, especially since we're not in the same city any more. Plus I'm having so much fun bothering you!

By the way, I prefer not to wax my legs, it hurts too much.

Ryan said...


Are you going to continue to keep us in suspense at visiting your new blog on how intelligent, funny, sexy and handsome I am?

Anonymous said...

I only have one posting, it seems a little silly to view it for one posting.

Ryan said...

You can have one posting on why I'm so intelligent, another on why I'm so sexy, another on why I'm extremely handsome, another on why I'm so funny...

And each post would be pages and pages of information - you might have to sub-divide it into smaller chewable pieces... which would expand your blog to at least 100 postings.

Before you know it you'd have millions of people flocking to your blog every day! You'd be ranked #1 on Alexa.

You could be on Oprah!

Surely then can be no excuse for why you only have one post on your blog so far??

(Unless you're talking about yourself!!!)



Anonymous said...

How am I supposed to write a blog on how handsome you are when all I know about you is that you go out in public in disguise??
I think a better seller would be to talk about how obnoxious you are, how full of yourself, how misguided about women.....
But I would like to be on Oprah! I bet she'd give me lots of free stuff including SHOES.

Ryan said...

Yes I'd like to think one day you'll be on Oprah and it will probably be because of me.

But you don't need to thank me now.

In fact I can just see the headlines now...

"Woman comments on blog 1,000,000 times - breaks record"

Or are the headlines...

"Kate, Kate, Kate x 1,000,000"

Or maybe...

"1,000,000 ways to get an Aussie bloke's attention"

Or how about...

"Small town Montreal girl sends Google broke"


Ryan said...

Hey I've just had an interesting thought (I must be on a roll today!): you could make me a contributing member of your blog!

It'd be a blast!

Instead of wasting precious moments on the comment of a post (such as this) I could post directly to your blog!!!

Should you ever feel the need you could always boot me out.

(Hmm, then again that's probably a bad thing... I reckon the power would probably get to your head.)

But... I'm willing to put away smally petty things such as giving you the all-powerful delete button to give this thing a go, what do you say - willing to throw caution to the minus 50 Montreal wind?


Anonymous said...

I'm not commenting to nothing by the way...and if you didn't like it you certainly don't need to write back! You clearly thrive on attention.
If I go on Oprah you'll have to be on too. MINUS the mask....I don't know if you're up for the challenge

Ryan said...

Yep, every time I go shopping I go straight to the microphone and say,

"Attention please shoppers... Attention please."

I'll make sure everybody has stopped and is paying attention, then I'll say...

"Thank you."

And continue shopping.

So... when are you going to send me an invitation to become one of your prestigious blog contributors/members?

Anonymous said...

Aha! I have a friend who lived in Perth for two years and she told me about this mysterious guy who goes around asking for attention in stores, restaurants, random concerts. It must have been you! She didn't say anything about him being handsome though.

Anonymous said...

as for MY blog I'd like to hear the magic word first....

Ryan said...

If your "friend" stayed in Perth for two years she must have been infatuated with the guy.

If it wasn't for the fact that she overstayed her visa she probably would have tied the guy done and domesticated him - problem was she couldn't keep the good man down!

As for the magic word: Abracadabra


Anonymous said...

My friend went to Perth two one year stays. Once on an exchange and once to work. and from what I hear she's headed back so watch out.
I'm sorry I tried abracadabra and it didn't work. I have to gte my day started so speed it up!

Ryan said...

She's headed back? Well I hope she works harder this time - we might let her stay longer and possibly let her out and play in the sunshine for awhile.

Kate, I can only offer my services for a limited time - your window of opportunity is closing. I'm beginning to have second thoughts about joining your exclusive club, especially condering the fact that you have multiple personalities and... hairy legs!

Anonymous said...

suit yourself.
I'm off to the States for the day so I won't be waiting at my computer.
If you ask me nicely (and tell me how) I will add you to my blog.
Why do you say I have multiple personalities?? and hairy legs. that's just mean.
Have a nice day or sleep....or whatever is going on in your upside down country

Ryan said...

Adding a member to your blog is simple:
1. Go to your dashboard
2. Click on the "Change Settings" icon for the blog you wish to add a member
3. Click on the "Members" link
4. Click on the "Add Team Member(s)" button
5. Enter my email address, being,
6. Click on the "Save Settings" button


Simple huh?

Have fun in the States, I'm off to bed.

McGeekan said...

Hey...i have a funny story but unfortunately too many of the people involved read my blog. You interested in hearing about it?

Ryan said...

Yeah, Princess.

Go ahead.