Saturday, October 01, 2005

Your Favourite Male Body Part Please

Whenever I talk to a woman and have known her for a little time I come out with an extremely odd question that I think provides more insight about HER than what it seems on the surface.

The question I ask is:

"On a man, what section to you is the most attractive?"

Then I'll list the sections as follows:

1. Face
2. Shoulders
3. Arms
4. Chest
5. Abs
6. Ass
7. Legs

After they've thought about it and provided (what seems) an honest opinion I'll continue with what they think would be their next favourite area, and then next, and then next (etc)... all the way to the bottom (no pun intended!).

Now while my study has only seen me ask this question on about a dozen or so single women its been interesting to note that MY preconceived ideas on what a woman would have in the top 3 wouldn't necessarily the case.

(I try and avoid women who are already married, or partnered, as to try to obtain an honest answer, as I think their answers will be tainted depending upon their man! And no this isn't some sick pick up line I use... I'm not *that* low!)

Anyway, I initially thought that most women would have either face, abs or ass in their top three, but interestingly only one out of those three would make it into the top three!

Some women have said shoulders as their number one, others arms, and others chest... and MOST have had legs at the bottom of the list!

So what does it all mean?

I dunno, but I'm going to go on a strange tangent here, so hold onto your hats...

I think a woman's taste on what body parts (sorry, I couldn't think of a more eloquent way to put it) she likes about a man represents something that is more than just the physical aspect of what the man bestows.

Take this as an example... let's say that a woman likes arms. Well, arms convey strength and protection. If a man were to open his arms he exposes his heart... hence why a hug is so intimate as it shows the man trusts the person their willing to expose their heart to. A woman that likes arms likes the protective type of man.

How about the chest? Well, a strong chest conveys leadership qualities. Apes and gorillas expose and beat their chests to show strength. A woman that likes this quality perhaps prefers men who take the lead and shows some initiative.

What about shoulders? Shoulders are often used to support and carry heavy items. This could mean that a woman prefers men who provide a supportive role and/or stability.

Legs? I think legs convey commitment... someone that is willing to *stand* by you or someone that is willing to *walk* through hell and back with you. Again this would be a form of support, perhaps emotional as well as physical.

Abs? This is the supportive core of the body, I would therefore define this as showing the true nature of a man and possibly also support. A woman needs someone who's genuine, and/or someone who can nurture them.

Ass? Face? I don't know about these ones... I'm still working on it. Interestingly no woman that I've spoken to yet has had these two as number one.

So where are we going with all this Dr. Phil??

I dunno!

I've never analysed things like this before as I've always left it to the "experts", but from something that started some time ago as a harmless question has no got me on this strange quest to see whether my "theory" is true.

I guess though we'll never really know... especially considering that its women we're dealing with here!

In fact, I'll finish with this interesting question a friend asked when I told him about my weird discovery (if I can even call it that?), he asked...
"Did you ever think that the single women you asked answered the way they did because they were flirting with you?"

Hmm... no wonder face, ass and abs weren't on the top!



Magazine Man said...

I read a study somewhere that women do study faces--at least on a subconscious level--looking to make sure the guy has facial symmetry (not one eye lower than the other, crooked smile, etc.). They say this goes back to the whole hunting-for-a-mate thing and that symmetrical facial features is a sign of good genes that would therefore be passed along.

Most women I've met rate the butt pretty high though. Maybe I just circulate in weird crowds.

Hey, thanks for the link! You're always welcome at my place! --MM

Jen said...

I dont know about facial symmetry...But I dont see eyes on the list. I like a guys eyes.

But if I really have to pick something below the neck..then I suppose arms and chest. I dont want buff muscled up..I just want defined.

And yeah...I think most women want a arms that will wrap around her...and make her feel safe. But I also think that in a lot of ways that feeling of safty is a state of mind. Its the way he makes her feel more than the body he has.

Ryan said...

Eyes? Really? Since this post I've asked many more women, and none have mentioned eyes.

Is that why your profile pic is a pair of eyes (I'm guessing they're yours)?

And is it something physical that you like about eyes, or do you try to see the person's soul?

You have me curious now.

Jen said...

I think making eye contact tells a lot in all stages of the relationship..from the first time you meet to the first time you are intimate with that person.

You can sometimes see in their eyes how they view you as a person. You can tell if they are shy and can see if they are happy or sad...You can see desire and love. Eyes rule.

Plus there something so incredible about having a guy you care about really looking at you. : )

ps.... yes those are my I used to have my face...but I got some idots making stupid comments so I removed it. Heres the whole me in case you wondered...Look no hairy mole. LMAO

Ryan said...

Yeah I agree you can gain much by what somebody says and the way they look through their eyes.

And thanks for the pic - I can see the similarity between the eyes on both your pic and your profile pic.

You must've got a heap of Valentine's cards today surely!!

Unless all the boys in Florida are BLIND??

(Maybe that's why you like eyes so much???)


Jen said...

Didnt get one card. But thats ok. I dont think I move fast enough for the guys I am around.

Plus to be honest I havent been looking to date anyone. Im just not a casual dater. I have things I want and I guess Im just not willing to settle for less..does that make senese?

ps...the eyes came from this photo and yes I am a dork. : )

Ryan said...

Yeah, I understand. I'm not one to date just for the sake of it either.

It's interesting though with my mate Mark. As you know I'm not one to jump straight into a date, I'd rather get to know them a little better without the added pressure of being in "date mode". He's the exact opposite: he'll date first and ask questions later.

The only advantage I joke with him about that he has over me is that at least he gets to practice his kissing!


And I liked your dorky photo, it's *so* cute! And you look so young - I'm not violating any certain age laws by looking at this photo am I? LOL

And don't worry I'm always looking like a dork in my photos...

Jen said...

I promise you I am 21. I will be 22 in October..if that eases your mind at all.

Im not sure why I just showed you those photos..In fact I hope it didnt mess things up. Did it?

Ryan said...

How would it have messed things up?

I'm thankful that you showed me those photos - now I know there's a body behind the Mona-Lisa-like eyes that stare at me everyday! And quite an attractive body at that too!

(Unless of course you've just ripped out a page from some modelling magazine?? Wouldn't surprise me you know... lol)

If anything photos of myself are what ruins my blog, I'm not very photogenic at all.

Jen said...

Cute? Is that a compliment or are you patting me on the head to pacify me? lol Remember what I said..dont judge a book by its cover. Id rather you go by our conversations : )

Ohhh man Ryan..You look just like the other age discriminator guy I told you about. The one I met when I was 17.

I guess its fate..You have said Im "cute" which in guy terms is the kiss of death...Im going to end up a cat lady. The lady everyones kids are afraid of..the one who smells funny in church. Like stale perfume and mothballs.

: (

ps....your a good looking guy ryan my question is...YOURE SINGLE? Are you just that picky or are you just socially challenged LOL

Jen said...

Your plenty photogenic. I like your face. Nice eyes...even if they are alittle wild lol

Ryan said...

No I'm not patronising you I meant cute in the way that it's normally defined. And that's what I liked about that second photo it's quite a cute photo of you. I like it. (Have any more??)

Hahaha, the age discriminator guy and I have a lot in common eh, including looks? Eeek!

And if you want to see a close up of one of my eyes there's a post I wrote about 18 months ago with a pic of one - see here.

Yeah I think I'm just picky... it's tough meeting fun intelligent single Christian women between the ages of 25-29 that don't smell like stale perfume and mothballs. LOL

Ryan said...

Of course if cute still offends you could just exchange the word cute for elegance.

There's definitely a touch of elegance in that second shot. Maybe that's what I liked about it.

Jen said...

LOL. Its ok..your not the first one to use the "C" word. Its almost as bad as being told your "nice"...both are always followed by a but..."Yes shes cute and shes nice....but.....

Its just the first step to being the smelly old lady. lol

How many pictures do you want. Im a camera carring photo freak. I have thousands literaly. And now that I see that in print its sort of scares me.

Ok elegant is good. Not true...but I do like that one. LOL

This is one of me and the roommates

Ryan said...

Wow, I never thought you were the camera carrying freak type!?!

I thought the definition for that term in the dictionary had my name there... which is why I'm itching for my 40D to arrive!!!!

Haha, your roommates look *very elegant* in that shot! ;op Hehe...

The dork photo's still the best.

Jen said...

Yeah...the roommates are special. In the I ride the short bus sort of way. lol

Yes Im a camera freak. I have one with me every place I go. I take pictures all the time. I need to replace the one I have. Its starting to behave badly.

Its funny you said that about you being a camera freak too...Ive never noticed you at the meetings.

I wish I could say I understood camera types and models but in the camera world Im illiterate.

But if it helps to redeem me at all Im a computer geek.

Ryan said...

Girl, I'm the spokesperson for the group, how could you miss me?? ROFL!

Did you ever do photography in high school? I did. Loved every minute of it. The only regret I had was not doing it in my first year, but the other 4 years made up for it.

For a woman I think the point and shoot type cameras are fine, but for us blokes we prefer the bigger bells and whistles and all sorts of knobs type cameras. Allows us to make it look as though we know what we're doing with our complicated devices.

Well if you have any other fav photos be sure to send them my way, whether they be elegant ones, or, even if they're ones of just Floridan scenery - such as the local swimming hole at the river. I'd been interested to see what that looks like as I'll be taking photos of our river once I get my camera and it'd be interesting to see the differences.