Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Single, Manly And Luvin It

It's not every day that I have the time to do some good ol' blog surfing and check out what other people (besides my favs) are doing... and it's not every day where I actually *find* a blog that I enjoy (hence why my favs list is so small!).

But today I came across Mandy's blog who had me lured in by her latest post titled New Strain of Man Announced.

By the time I had finished reading her post I had completely agreed with everything she said - which is another rarity in itself! And I think most men should read what she has to say as I think there's a growing shift with women in this area.

Here are some bits and pieces I'd like to quickly add...

I too have noticed in this day and age that men have been castrating their Y chromosomes all for the purpose of... of... heck I dunno... vanity? And it's not likely to stop any time soon.

These "men" who sport long hair styles, have their eyebrows waxed, shave all other forms of facial hair (and not to mention other body parts)... look no different to women. And oddly enough women don't mind the eye candy either. It's as if...

Women are falling in love with themselves!

With the increase of homosexuality, metrosexuality and the like it has become more and more apparent... men are turning into women! And it has me wondering whether there are any REAL men left in this world as nearly everyone's either a woman or woman-like!!???

I know one woman, dear Mandy, is wondering about this too!

But, I will confess, I myself *had* turned into this sensitive new age guy type when I was dating women. Experiences has now taught me that while it may have been easy to get a woman, the relationship generally soured after several months.

It wasn't until my grandfather handed down some interesting wisdom about women through the 70-odd years he had graced this earth that everything began to make sense. As he sat there one day as we talked about women he looked up at me after I had asked him for some helpful advice and said,

Ryan, don't ever change for a woman.

I was perplexed.

Do you mean don't change... as in ever? I asked.

I was obviously taking what he said to an extreme. He quickly expounded a little further by using an interesting analogy... a car!

He said something along the following lines...

A relationship is like a car. You are the driver. Your woman is the passenger. You drive to where you need to go in life. Along the way listen to what your woman has to say (she may offer help as well as make the journey much more enjoyable). But under no circumstances can she take control of the wheel. If she wants to take control politely stop the car, let her out and bid her farewell. You will know which woman is right for you as being the one that takes the longest journey with you... this will be your wife.

He added quickly, with a wink, And don't forget to upgrade to a family car when the kids come!

Nice. Well, I liked it. (I liked cartoons when I was a kid so simplifying thigs to this extent helped.)

I took his advice on board and returned back to my natural masculine self. I began to take pride in my appearance even when I hadn't shaved for days (the "rugged" look), and I no longer sucked up to women or tried to get their approval when I talked to them.

Life has been great ever since!

Single, manly and luvin it,


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