Monday, October 10, 2005

A New Appreciation For Child Birth

Last week I shared lunch with an old friend of my sister's.

As we exchanged small talk I discovered that she had recently given birth to a baby boy (I wondered what that little thing was wrapped up in her arms!). She also made mention that she was in her final college year of becoming a midwife - which I thought rather interesting and decided to probe more about.

The good thing was that during this conversation about midwifery my sister's friend didn't hold, let alone sweeten, ANYTHING! It was a no-holds-barred-you're-just-a-dumb-bloke-slug-fest-and-you-would-never-understand-or-fully-appreciate-child-birth-anyway kind of talk.

Everything from funny medical terms on problems and conditions that go wrong (that made me feel sick just thinking about it) to implements used to anything else in the hospital ward that can make a grown man throw up were FULLY discussed.

(Stuff that I really do not wish to write in this blog... as even writing a broad summary about it brings painful flashbacks!)

Heck... even during the conversation I felt like going and getting castrated... with a blunt spoon!!

I quickly diverted the conversation to what exercises a woman would do to help push the baby out better/faster.

Being a bloke I "stupidly" thought that all a woman need do is build up her abs! But nooo, "the typical dumb male answer at trying to solve the world" response was wrong... it was the pelvic muscles that needed strength.

I was then given an exhibition on just what exercises are required to build certain pelvic muscles and boy were some of these moves extremely sexy! I made sure she fully explained this area!!

When the conversation then moved on how a woman begins to control her bladder things darkened and moved back into the "time to go and get your castration" again. Eeek!

By the end of the afternoon I was a mixed bag of emotions - I felt sick in the stomach, unworthy for being a male, castrated, and as mentioned at the beginning of this email a new found appreciation for women who give birth.

However, at the end of it all I still think that women who don't want kids are wimps... and I think women who have given birth would agree too!


PS - anyway, let's get back to those pelvic exercises...


Kristina said...

Good to see a guy appreciate what women go through to provide men their sons and heirs. I've been recently assigned to the delivery room of the hospital where i currently worked. And I could probably add to your no-holds-barred conversation..lols. Just a question though, if mean were given the chance to choose whether they could give birth or not, would you choose the capability to give birth, knowing all that you know now?

Ryan said...

Good question Lil Brunette!!

Well with the way pregnant women are drugged up in the delivery room these days I have to wonder whether they can feel the pain anyway!!

So would I deliver a baby? Yeah, I'd do it.

I'm a bloke. I'm tough.