Sunday, October 30, 2005

First Impressions Count

Photography class was one of the most enjoyable classes of high school - right up there with Phys Ed. I don't know whether it was the freedom of being outdoors roaming around the school with a camera in one hand and not a care in the world in the other, or the fact that a cute red-haired girl in my year attended the same class.

Either way, I just loved photography - even the moments where your school "mates" would either slap you in the face, grope your breasts, grab your ass, or flick developer solution onto your school uniform as you stood there waiting for your eyes to adjust to the darkroom.

Aaah... those were the good ol' days.

Or there was the most embarrassing time I had with the cute red-head in the library...

Here I was researching for my theoretical photography assignment flicking through books I was reading, trying to find the needed answers for my assignment questions and I finally struck gold with a nice thick book that pretty much talked about everything related to photopgraphy: a veritable photographic encyclopedia.

I hadn't noticed Michelle (the hot red-head) walk on into the library standing beside me beaming a huge smile, until she forced a cough.

And there she was... arrayed in her beautiful grey school uniform giving me a gorgeous teethy smile.

She looked happy.

And I began to melt.

"What are you doing?" she asked.

"Oh, nothing much... just reading."

I didn't want her thinking that I was some lame ass who did his photography assignments at the last minute so I began flicking through the huge photography encyclopedia without paying too much attention to what was being displayed on the pages.

"Whaddya doing here?" I shyly asked.

"Oh I was just wondering whether you have any film that needs developing as I'm going to develop one roll of mine and I was just thinking that if you had a roll that needed developing I could save developer and maybe some of your time... so..." she paused hoping that by now I'd got the gist of where she was going.

I slowly continued to flick through the pages of the book, but remained completely focussed on her. I was in awe that the hottest chic in our year was now talking ALONE to me.

Wow, I thought, she's talking to me!

I remember just standing there, staring at her for what seemed an eternity. She giggled at my, no doubt, dumbfounded awkward looking stare and she brushed a side of her long fringe behind her ear.

"Well?" she asked after about a minute's silence.

I knew I didn't have any film that needed developing - the theoretical assignment I was undertaking had taken up too much of my time during the week so I hadn't taken the time to have any shots done.

Dammit! I thought, but I wasn't going to let that stop any chance I had.

I wasn't going to blow it by telling the truth!

"Yes I do," I replied lying through a half-forced smile.

By now I had stopped flicking through the pages of the book I was reading. I wanted her. I wanted to tell her right then that she could do more than just develop my film for me. I began to say something, but she was too quick...

"Whereabouts is it?" she asked, and then giggled, pointing to the book I now held which now exposed a photo spread of a nude female model!

As I looked down all I saw was breasts.

"It's... in... my... nipple case," I replied awestruck at the image that was displayed in front of me.

"You're what???"

My face was now turning bright red so I hurriedly turned the page only to be faced with more breasts and more naked women in this aptly titled section of the book labelled "Photographic Art". Frustrated that I had now created a wonderful impression I slammed the book shut and shoved it back into the shelves.

Michelle was laughing.

"Sorry," I shyly replied unable to maintain any serious eye contact, "the film is in my pencil case."

I pointed over to the table that housed my files and pencil case. I can remember placing a spare roll of blank film in my pencil case many months ago... thankfully it was still there when she opened it.

As Michelle left she turned to me and said,
"I'll leave you to your... reading."

She smiled and told me she'd be done in about an hour.

I just stood there. The reddest dumb ass on the planet. Out of all the times I ever had alone with Michelle I stuffed up.

Finishing the remainder of my photography assignment took far longer than expected - it was too difficult to think straight. By the time I did finish I was hoping I'd missed her... which I did.

When I arrived back in class nobody was around and there hung a blank roll of developed film left to dry with my name and a note from Michelle...



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