Friday, September 23, 2005

Just Make It Up

I can recall back in my final high school years having an unenviable crush on a younger high school blonde-hair hazel-eyed chic.

We travelled on the same bus that took us to and from school everyday, and to be honest, it was pretty much the ONLY highlight of school back then (bar lunch and phys-ed).

Come to think of it I reckon I would've died if I attended an all boys school... but I would've been in heaven if it had of been all girls school!!!


Our relationship was always that of just friends and being the shy guy I was I never contemplated going any further than that. I was happy, and I thought she was happy too.

It wasn't until I left high school at the end of the year that I began to miss the fun times we had... and boy did we have some laughs!

Two years after I had graduated that high school I was fortunate enough to see her again but as she was at school we never had the chance to talk much... so I did what any other bloke would do and used my younger brother as a carrier pigeon and made him deliver a message to her.

It worked like a charm!

I was able to communicate in a way that I felt comfortable in doing, and she was able to read it whenever she had the time.

This ended up occurring more than once... and the carrier pigeon didn't mind as I think he had a crush on her too!!

We continued corresponding for about a year, but then things began to change when I started receiving shorter messages.

Weeks would go by without anything and even when it did I began to resent reading what she had written - as it would be the same old hash as last week.

Eventually I began to feel bitterness on the way she closed her letters:

Anyway, there's not much else to tell.

Out of all the closing lines this one I hated the most. I wanted to scream. I wanted to delete those words and wish they never existed. I didn't care if she had nothing else to say, heck, JUST MAKE IT UP... I wouldn't care!

But, alas, our friendship waned.

I moved on.

It wasn't until several months has passed since our last correspondence that I soon learned her father had passed away. I felt terrible. Here I was worrying about my own stupid selfish self (!) and she was going through a hard time with whatever condition her father had been in prior to his death.

By now my carrier pigeon had graduated high school and the only avenue I had was an old address she gave me many many years ago.

I wrote to her, but received nothing in reply.

She had moved on.

The last I heard of her was that she had married and had two kids. I envisioned that she would live a great life, and I didn't want anyone telling me any different... yes ignorance IS bliss.

Kristy had a wonderful laugh, with a gorgeous smile to match, one that I will never ever forget.

So I'd like to end by saying...

To all the women of the world: you'll probably never know how much your laughter and smiles do for simple men like me.

Keep smiling,


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Kristina said...

wonderful post...:) keep it up? btw, can i link you?