Saturday, September 10, 2005

Don't Do It

Well it's been a busy couple of weeks so far and I couldn't go another day without at least writing something to the dear world... even if it is 1am in the morning (I had too much coffee today)!

But what could I possibly discuss this late at night? Well, firstly, an interesting experience arose with a friend of mine today from something that he done last Sunday night thanks to "boredom".

The conversation started at a nearby cafe over a couple of flat whites. As soon as he mentioned that he done something last Sunday night over the internet I knew this was going to be an intriguing story... especially at the way he cringed whilst wiping his closed eyes.

This was going to be good.

What did you do? I asked with a wry smile.

He looked away as if he was about to make a confession.

"Last Sunday night I was bored."


"So I hopped online and began surfing some web sites"

Yes... each sentence muttered took longer to extract. I wasn't quite sure whether he was trying to soften the blow, or make the whole thing up.

He opened his mouth, closed it, laughed at the thought, and then changed his expression,

"Man! Russian women are hot."

Oh no!

He then looked over to me as if with that piece of the puzzle I could see everything that transpired at his house on the fateful Sunday night.

I didn't.

I didn't know whether he had married someone, or just surfed these sights and then went to bed... I began to think the former at the way he stared at me.

Go on? I prodded... just like a confessional priest.

He looked up towards the ceiling and reflected upon these beauties his eyes had now become open to.

"Did I say that Russian women are hot?"

Yes, you did... now what happened?

Then the flood gates opened.

He began to talk about how he went to this site and paid $50 to email some "hot" Russian women. He discussed what had transpired between the contact of the women he emailed (6 in all) and what he thought about the whole thing - he wanted to bail.

Obviously something more had happened between these emails, but he didn't want to seem as though he wanted to pursue it any further.

It was if he was sending me an indirect signal that if something were to "happen" to him soon check his computer.

I began to lighten things up by laughing.

He joined in the laughter and continued to rub his face.

I then began to inform him of the internet relationship *I* had nearly 10 years ago. He had never heard of the story before but lapped it all up. By the end of the conversation I gave him some pointers that I think everyone should heed with internet relationships.

These pointers were:
  • NEVER EVER EVER believe ANY picture you see on the internet... especially Latvian, Ukranian, Russian or anything else from that neck of the woods. Those pictures are either fake, or do not represent the person you're talking to... and how will you ever know? What? Ask for more photos? Get a live web cam? Come on! All that stuff can be doctored... don't trust your eyes with these things!

  • Don't EVER EVER EVER get emotionally attached to anyone over the net. I did and got burned. No doubt I will not be the last. If you (or the other person) cannot get a reltionship in the REAL world then this will show that either you (or the other person):
    • lives in Antartica with the penguins (God only knows how you get an internet connection??)

    • are extremely shy (which most people grow out of as they age)

    • are a social derelict (a modern day Quasimodo)

    • have no life

    Now is this the type of person you would really want to be with? If society hasn't chosen a mate for them why are they still single? And why are they searching for people that live on the opposite side of the world?
    It just doesn't make sense.

  • Always think of the worst case with meeting people over the net. If they say they're female, assume their male. If they say they're 22, assume they're 42. If they say they're single, assume they've got three kids and an angry spouse.

My advice: don't do it folks - it ain't worth it... not even for fun.

Just set up a blog, like this, rant and rave about your daily struggles/experiences, let people come to you, and if you make good friends so be it. But get a life outside of the net... you'll be glad you did.


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