Monday, September 19, 2005

Anorexic Women

Something on 60 Minutes last night troubled me a little: anorexia. While I've known of this condition before I thought I'd spray my blog with my thoughts on the matter... but I'd be equally interested in any female thoughts.

Women who have anorexia (or bulimia) completely puzzles me as to why they do this tortorous thing to themselves, and even though I know the basic reason why ("to stay thin") I don't think women really appreciate the fact that most REAL MEN hate thin women.


Simply because men like to be able to squeeze their women without having to break anything in the process!

But then it got me thinking: could there possibly be a more sinister reason as to why women do this to themselves? Surely us blokes can't be the ONLY reason to why women choose to starve themselves to death?? We can't take all the blame!

And I think there is.

Now, before I go on, I'm no shrink. I'm no doctor. I've never starved myself to death although I do on the rare occasion fast. I have never been anorexic and I pray to God that I never do.

So, with that said, take my personal view on this matter as a "spectator-only" opinion.

Okay, we cool on that?


My view is that anorexic women do it because they're...


Yep, that's right: they're selfish.

So slap me, hit me, punch me, spit on me, kick me in the face, do what you want, but I reckon women who do it because all they think about is themselves.

They're whole world revolves around what the world thinks about them! It's as if by being ultra-thin they might be something.

Anorexic women, if you're doing what you're doing to gain the attention of a bloke, let me bring it home for you:
  • Guys like women they can squeeze, not break.

  • The ol' saying that the only way to a man's heart is through his stomach is SOOOOO TRUE. My kryptonite is lemon cheesecake and I love a chicken sweet and sour stir-fry. If anorexic women don't eat how on earth are they expected to impress a man?

The diversity of life should start with the diversity of food you eat.



Anonymous said...

I agree with your conclusion that anorexic women are motivated by selfishness. But I think you left out the other factor that leads to their anorexia--being shallow.

These women center their entire existence obsessively around trying to attain their image of beauty. How is this anything other than selfish and shallow? Let us just consider the many things in life that one could choose to center all of one's energies, thoughts, and activities around: God, art (trying to make the world a more beautiful place), academics, family (parents, grandparents, partner, children, and so on), charity (helping other people), helping animals.

I could go on and on with the types of things that a person who thinks about other people and creatures would be focused on. Mature and thoughtful people know that they are not the center of the universe so they center their thoughts on contributing to the world around them. Anorexic women think that themselves and their own body and beauty are the most important thing so that is what they focus on.

Yes, as you said. They are selfish. And as I said they are shallow because they do not choose to instead focus on developing their minds, talents, hobbies. Who do you think would be a deeper person, somebody who has spent twenty years of their life studying the American Revolution or somebody who has spent twenty years counting every calorie, weighing themselves and obsessively thinking about their own weight.

Anonymous said...


I had a minor example of this doing little translations for a Japanese website. This woman paid me about a buck to do a tiny translation. The translation was basically about how much she dislikes her husband and now she is glad to have daughters because men are awful. She is annoyed that her husband is calling her 'mama' and she was displeased that he ate most of the stew she cooked because there was basically none left. Well, as you can see by my rate of pay of $1, this is not a professional translation site. It is a crowdsourcing site. Most of the translators are not native English speakers so their English translations are full of errors. Sometimes, I think they are not much better than just using Google translate. Anyway, I mistook one small thing in her text. I thought she was unhappy because he didn't eat much of her stew. But it was the opposite. Well, there were two reasons for that. One is that I am not a native speaker of her language and her wording was a little tricky for me because it normally indicates 'not much'. I hadn't realized that there was a connector missing that made the meaning opposite. Of course a native speaker would have known that. But the other reason I missed the meaning was because of my own ideas about life.

You see, when I cook for my boyfriend, I expect that he will eat a lot and that if I don't make enough, there won't be much or any left. I think that is normal because he is taller than me and more muscular and male. I know that biologically, his body burns more calories than mine so he has to eat a lot or else he will whither away. When we are lifting heavy things at home, he can lift at least twice the weight I can, maybe more. I don't know the exact difference in our strength but I have observed that it is considerable. The price of this difference in power is extra muscle mass, adrenaline and other biological factors. All of this means he has to eat more and especially more protein than I do. Thus, I expect that I must keep him well fed. It does not make me feel resentful. In fact, I feel happy to see that he is healthily enjoying what I made. If there is not enough for him to be full, I give him some of mine and I prepare something else small for myself later. And I make note to myself to make more of that the next time I cook it.

So the idea that a wife would be resentful that her husband had eaten enough of her stew not to leave any leftovers is a bit alien to me and is not the first way of thinking that would come to my mind.

Anyway, what happened is that this woman gave me a horrible rating of my translation for this small error. This even though I found out my mistake and corrected the final translation for her. You have to know that people coming to this site know that they are not hiring professional translators. That is why the translations are so cheap. Their translators are usually either native speakers or the language of the original text or of the language being translated into. You should see the translations into English by the nonnative speakers of English! They are truly horrible!

She had plenty of opportunities to contact me and let me know that I mistranslated so that I could see my mistake and correct it. I figured out my mistake only because she gave me the lowest translation rating so I got in contact with native speakers to see what I had done wrong, then I fixed it.

Anonymous said...


In case you are wondering if I am just a terrible translator, sometimes I do double checked translations on the site where I am the first translator then another senior translator checks my work. I have never made such a mistake before.

After my experience with this woman, I really thought to myself what a blanking bitch. Who would destroy somebody's professional reputation when you could just work with them a little bit instead to fix things and over a $1 translation on a site where you are well aware that the translators are not professionals but rather language enthusiasts who are usually in various stages of proficiency. I mean, seriously, what a bitch.

What I thought to myself was this woman is clearly a selfish person who only thinks of herself and not of other people. I mean she resented her husband eating a lot of the dinner she made. First clue that she is a selfish bitch. Then there is her being upset that her husband is calling her mama, which is actually sweet. Second clue she is a selfish bitch. Then there is the unnecessary way she treated me. Third clue she is a selfish bitch.

So I made note of her name so that I would never ever do a translation for her again. Sure enough, she posts a new request for a translation. I looked at it to see what she wanted this time just out of curiosity. Of course, now way was I going to do the translation. So what does she post this time?

Well, ha. Wouldn't you know it. It is about how much of an appetite she has had for the day since morning and that she has gained two pounds but she is still holding steading at only 88 pounds.

This was clue number four that she is, as I thought, a shallow, selfish bitch who only thinks about herself. She is paying to make a translation of a post for her blog and the post revolves around only her appetite and her anorexic weight. Then I knew basically everything about her that a person needs to know.

She is a selfish and shallow person whose entire thoughts revolve mainly around her own beauty and weight and around her food. Even though she barely eats, she greedily resented her husband for eating so much of the food she made. Because she is obsessed with food, she wanted it in her fridge to hoard but probably not touch. It is like a dragon in a cave full of gold. The dragon isn't going to use the gold, but don't you dare try to touch its gold.