Saturday, August 06, 2005

What Is It With Blondes?

Believe it or not, but all serious relationships I've had have been with blonde-haired blue-eyed chics.

And from my experience with the women I've been with it's true with what they say about blondes:
  • They do have more fun

  • They are high maintenance

  • They are... "mentally challenged" at times (yes I've experienced such "blonde moments" many times)

But my infatuation with blondes didn't start until I was in my late teens, in fact as I was growing through school I had a hot passion for red heads!!

Maybe that's how it's all working in my life... I'm going the complete sprectrum with hair colours!

Early Teens - Late Teens = red heads
Late Teens - Mid 20s = blondes
Mid 20s - Late 20s = brunettes (??)

But whatever the hair colour there's one type of style I prefer: straight and long (at least shoulder length). Curled does nothing for me, short turns me off (I feel like I'm with another guy!!), and no hair makes me run in the opposite direction!

In fact I gotta agree with God on this, in 1 Corinthians 11:15 it says ...if a woman have long hair, it is a glory to her... it's a glory to her and it's glorious for me to watch.

But, I also agree with the statement that men need to enjoy the long hair while it lasts, because as soon as you marry she cuts it short and you're stuck with her for life!

Off to the barbers,


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Hannah said...

Hmm... I was going to argue with point number three. But I have no argument against it. Bugger.