Monday, August 01, 2005

Tempted? Sure Am!

There's a new show on Aussie TV at the moment titled Tempation.

It takes after the older series titled Sale of A Century that died many years ago.

(For those unfamiliar with both: they're quiz shows)

I've always been a big fan of quiz shows, but ever since this *new* quiz show I've had a strange attraction to watch it every time I can while eating dinner.


Two words: Livinia Nixon.

What a woman!

Unfortunately the photos of her don't do her any justice because her smile, her laugh and her personality really shine over the TV set than they do through a staid photo.

What really attracts me most is her personality.

Other female blonde TV show presenters either come across as dumb or uninteresting and sometimes even as both! Livinia seems to love life and you can tell from the way she carries herself that she'd be one fun woman to be around.

So Livinia... you go girl! Give us mere mortals a big wave!!


PS - and Livinia, tell your designer(s) and hair stylist(s) that they do a marvellous job on you.

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