Thursday, August 11, 2005

It's The Little Things

It's the "little things" that matter to women.

When I initially heard this statement I didn't really believe it, or want to believe it, but, I decided to test it out on the woman I had been dating for several years to see whether or not that statement was indeed true.

I asked her something to the effect of:
"What has been the one single most memorable event during our relationship?"

She thought about it for awhile, and as her mind was scanning all the things we had done she smiled when she arrived at what was undoubtably the most memorable event in our relationship according to her.

As I waited for her answer I began scanning my memory banks pre-emting what her answer was going to be. Some of the answers I thought of were big events like travelling to Melbourne for a week, or travelling down to Walpole for the weekend, or something big like that.

But no.

To her the most memorable event of our relationship was the time when I gave her my socks!

I couldn't believe it.

Say what?

Yes, dear friends, the most memorable time of our relationship was the time I gave her my socks:

I had to scan my memory banks REAL hard to bring back that memory, but she remembered it like it was yesterday... and vividly too, here's how the story goes:

It had been a hot Autumn day and we decided for the evening that we were going to watch a movie at one of the outdoor cinema places in the heart of town. We had never been to this place before and were unsure of what to bring, so we didn't bring anything - we assumed everything would be provided (i.e. chairs etc).

No sooner had we arrived and marked our spot on the grass had the cinematic event started. We looked around and noticed that we were pretty much the only ones that were sitting on the grass - everyone else was either sitting on a chair or on a large blanket (some even in sleeping bags!).

As the night wore on we began to feel extremely cold from a constant cool breeze that blew across the river into the outdoor cinema complex. Unfortunately we had dressed in summer gear wearing only cargoes and a t-shirt (or for her one of those singlet styled tops)... and I had nothing in the car that would cover us except golf clubs!

We tried the best we could to keep our body warm, but our fingers and feet were beginning to lose all sense of feeling. Luckily for me I had worn sand shoes, so, seeing the desperate state that my beloved was in I stripped off the shoes and gave her my socks.

It was such a little thing to do, yet she was overjoyed! In fact, for the rest of the night it seemed as though my two over-sized socks warmed her whole body!

When the movie had finished we raced to the car, but not after my beloved had tripped and flopped around a few times from my large size 13 socks.

We had a big laugh in the heated car all the way back home.

... And that was her most memorable event of us!


The little things *do* matter with women.

Hopefully all that big expensive stuff was a *close* second!

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